Smartwatches/ Fitness trackers

Any recommendation on Smartwatches/ fitness tracker with price range less than $200

monitoring this thread…

Was looking at these

  1. Forerunner 25; $120
  2. Forerunner 235; $ 250

But then, those are a bit Pricey, and aint too much of an athlete…

Just need a decent device below the $200 price range. Preferably with GPS, Heart rate monitor, sleep monitor , decent battery life, non ios

Most of these reviews am seeing out here are more or less paid reviews- Glorify everything/ speak no evil

Have you looked at the gear fit2 pro? It checks all your boxes.

$200 is too much if just need fitness tracker. get Xiaomi’s Mi band 3 or Huawei band 2, both for low prices locally. fitness trackers are not that accurate (and its not about accuracy), but to make you do something about your health.

If you need an accurate wearable, just get Fitbit, Apple, or Sammy’s offering (Even though they are also not as accurate as the equipment at medical facilities).

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Fitbit has a wide range of wears for different budgets. You could try fitbit charge 2. It has a shit ton of features. I have a blaze that I charge every 4 days. A charge 2 is much smaller and should last longer. They are on sale now and you can grab it for $119. Use those shipping companies to import one.

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Check Out >>> Amazfit Bip from Huami (affiliated with Xiaomi) that costs less than $80

I have been using one for about a month now and I can totally recommend. It comes with these sensors; heart-rate monitor, GPS + GLONASS… perfect for sleep and fitness tracking. From my usage, the activity tracking is relatively accurate and analytics from the Mi Fit app (for both iOS and Android) makes it more functional.

The most important, however, is it’s very long battery life (30 days!!! on average use) in a very small form factor. The watch uses an always-ON display (they call it “transreflective display”) that requires very little juice and gets brighter/clearer on direct sunlight.

For a device on a budget you can buy pale and then use your preferred freight company to get it here.
I personally use Kentex Cargo to ship small things from USA

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Seems lie it is a choice between Fitbit, Gear Fit 2 Pro and Amazfit. Let me do some more research

Xiaomi fitness bands cost around 3500 on Avechi if you only want to measure distance walked so its cheap enough to not regret buying it when you dont use it as much as planned. I would recommend a good smartphone app like Google Fit if you are not an athlete.

Any recommendations for where I can get the Galaxy S3 Frontier locally

You can check OLX. What I usually do is search for an item there, compare prices and pick a legit seller. I’ve always found sellers at Jamia mall to be trustworthy.

I was at Jamia last week and 80% of the sellers were clueless that it exists. The one I found was way higher than what I expected so I didn’t even bother bargaining

Go to mi store kenya. They sell a smart watch called mi band

Don’t know its capabilities. You’ll just have to research on your own

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Bought S3 Frontier…
So far, am loving it…

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Where and how much?

I had a friend coming over bring it. Total Cost 19k.

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