Smartphones in 2021/Smartphone recommendations in 2021

None of those phones are under 12k. Under 12k you have phones like Redmi 9A and Tecno Pop 4.

:joy: Both jokes of smartphones.

Bana 10k phones used to be better than that

The Poco F3 should last at least 5 years of solid use. My Poco F1 is 3 years old and is faster than most sub30k phones coming out this year. Yet I bought it at 36k. Phones are lasting longer (that’s why Apple and others have recently decided to sell different colours of phones each year as an upgrade).

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Ati sell what? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

At least they’ve maintained the build quality.

I remember buying my phone 45K and my friends would question as to why I’m wasting so much money. But Alas! 5 years later they have changed phones almost every year. And those phones did cost on average around 20K.

Recently we did the maths with one of them and the guy decided to buy a 50K phone and forget about chaging phones every year.

Moving on:

For me to get the build quality of the A7 2016 right now, I will have to go with the S21 Ultra or the Note 20 Ultra.

I love the glass-aluminum-glass built quality. And now Samsung has retained that for the Champions League finals. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So, I might get me a Xiaomi or Asus Zenphone Pro series.

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It’s a funny dilemma companies have to make. If they make very good phones, people refuse to upgrade for almost a decade. If they make very poor quality, their competitors go behind their backs and release a flagship killer (like Poco). I use an iPhone 7 also and have played around with newer iPhones and concluded I will keep the 7 for another 3years

Nimeipata :joy::joy::joy: Thank heavens for Jumia and Xiaomi


Give us a good review when it lands

Samsung really messed up the A series by compromising the build quality with plastic

It’s no longer the Samsung Alpha series but now Samsung Awesome series.

The A-Series sort of got huge praises as the best alternative to the Note and S-Series. Samsung got wind of it and ditched the J-Series that belonged to the lower mid-range. Plastic built and other stuff.

You’ll now find new owners of A-Series phones complaining of how they bought their expensive plastic Samsungs expecting heaven. Only for the phones to start scratching and chipping off.

Until I tell them that they just bought J-Series phones renamed to A-Series.

It breaks my heart to see that. Samsung was doing serious stuff for the A-Series. And now you can see they’ve done away with the built quality even on lower priced Note Series and S-Series. If you want all glass and aluminum construction, get the most expensive option on their series.

That’s not the case when it comes other electronics that Samsung makes. You will find them releasing dope versions of their Television sets, Fridges, Cookers, Washing machines year-in-year-out.

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Nimeona pia, though sioni the 8gb 256 version.

A lesson I have learnt with these funny Tecnos, getting the POCO F3, see it has arrived


Poco f3 is available in jumia starting at kshs. 37500 I strongly consider getting it especially after being convinced I can do away with the ads the chipset is way too good for the price