Smartphone reccomendations 2022

Hello Guys,

I`m looking into getting a smartphone costing 35-50k. I currently have these devices on the shortlist

  1. Galaxy A52s (38k)
  2. Realme GT Master (38k)
  3. OnePlus Nord 2 (40) & Nord 2T (10k difference in price)
  4. Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE (37k)
  5. Galaxy S20 FE (55k)
  6. Poco F4 (47k)
  7. Redmi Note 11 Pro plus 5G (47k)

Any advice from anyone who has interacted with any of the devices? My preference would be a phone with stock android but obviously, there is none at the moment (available locally).

Current phone MI 9T. I would have preferred to keep it but it’s a case of a family member needing a new phone and I am using it as an opportunity to switch devices.

I have interacted with the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G NE. The 90Hz AMOLED is a great panel, being HDR certified as well, but the SoC is arguably a downside. I’d recommend the POCO F3 that you haven’t even considered just in terms of sheer grunt, but smartphone preferences also come down to software.

Only you can decide what you need. Closest you can come to stock Android-ish experience is the OnePlus devices though.

Excluded it because of the camera. I have also found the Pixel 6A at Avechi for 54k.

Chose Xiaomi 11T Pro for 60k. 8Gb, 256Gb, SD 888. Premium phone this one.


I agree :clap:

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Thinking of going for the 11T for 50K because of the premium metal glass design. I don’t mind about the processor. But Samsung is really confusing me with their awesome cameras on their plastic phones. A52s, A53, A72, A73…

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It’s really close. Samsung offer 4 software updates, Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro offer 3 android updates. I chose the 11T Pro because the camera is really good. Flagship level. Especially the video camera is iPhone level.

The Mi 11T pro also has the better display. The display supports Dolby Vision.

I researched a lot on this. My Conclusion

Mi 11T - Not available

A73 - Extremely good phone. The cameras though are very average. They were not better than my Mi 9T from 2019. I also realized Samsung exclude some features from their non flagships. Eg the A73 might not have dual Bluetooth. I normally pair my phone to my camera and earphones at the same time.

Mi 11T Pro - SD 888, all specs on board

A52s 5G - most reviewers reported that it was slow-ish despite the SD 778.

Mi 11 Lite 5g ne - doesn’t have a proximity sensor so a no go zone for anyone who uses their phone as a phone

A53 - slower processor but is more fluid than A52s 5G. The A53 does not have good cameras.

OnePlus Nord 2 T - bad buggy software.

Attached Mi 11T Pro battery life


From the side-by-side reviews I have checked, these variants of Samsung phones from the A52s, A53, A72, and A73 have a much better camera than the Xiaomi 11T and 11T pro.

Good thing Samsung promises four major software upgrades but meen, I’m still stuck in Android 7.0 and I don’t feel like I’m missing out :joy: :joy: :joy:

And very plasticky…

If it’s out of stock then I’ll go wit the Samsungs. Don’t have enough cash to spend over 60K on a phone right now. Ouch! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Those things lie. I have checked out all in person. Also check Dxomark. They are very objective.

A73 is a good option for a Samsung person.

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Something funny is that even on DxOMark their scoresheet sometimes is sort of biased. The consistency of non-sponsored side-by-side reviews on YouTube shows all the A-Series variants I have mentioned have an upper edge. I have views tens of them. That OIS makes a huge difference.

:joy::joy: Wuuh

(I hope you are checking the comparison videos from Xiaomi 11T Pro and not 11T. I also don’t like the photos from 11T and hate the photos from the Redmi Note 11 Pro Plus 5G. My argument is based on A73 vs Xiaomi 11T Pro because both cost 60k (256GB internal))

Just check the phones in person. If you care about good cameras, please buy the S20 FE, which is prized in the same price category as the A53 and A73. In my opinion, the way the A series (A52s, A33, A73) phones I tested presented black skin tones was criminal. I will still insist that the A73 is a very good phone but if you are not keen on cameras.

I actually wanted to get the S20 FE but the East African version was out of stock. Apparently, Samsung phones have Dubai and East African versions. For example the S21 FE East African variant is 75k while the Dubai version is 64K. The resellers actually advised against the Dubai versions and advised that if I could, I should try out other models. (If a person who is after money advises you not to buy a phone they are selling then you have no option but to obey them.)

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I realized kuna phones mob za between 20 to 50k hazina proximity sensor.

Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 11 Pro
Galaxy A52s and A53
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g NE

Ni kama mmoja wao alitoa alafu wakatoa wote.

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But why? The Samsungs I have mentioned I think all of them have a virtual proximity sensor. :confused: :confused: :confused:

i highly recommend the galaxy A52s and A53s


The A73 has a proximity sensor and it’s the Samsung I would recommend.

According to Linus #Apple not including the latest & greatest chip on their “non-pro” phones may indicate the SOC will have an extended lifetime of support. But maybe it’s just to diff with the pros or supply chain strains and new orders?

Devices with A15 SOC are all 13 Series, 14 non-pro series, iPhone SE 3rd gen and the iPad mini 6th gen. Have a listen below …

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Watched this yesterday and it sort of made sense. Everyone else is so behind at least when it comes to chips… Plus it is an advantage to those with older phones since they are bound to get more updates.

#KE telco’s will also be forced to have better #UX/CX for users with #eSims… I mean you can’t be expected to go to a store to activate an #eSim line …would you? Well I guess their won’t be many users with “eSim-only” phones at first but a #Samsung also follows suit early next year?

Anyway, for those getting the new iPhones & interacting with #KE telcos document your experiences…

iPhone14 Pro or Pro Max anyonee??