Smartphone Insurance in Kenya, Recommendations Please?

Recently got relieved off my phone and remembered coming across such a thread on skunkworks. Coupled with the spiralling cost of smartphones it seems like a good idea to pay a small premium for the peace of mind.
A little online search led me to kenya orient mobile cover.

Does anybody have experience with it or any other mobile insurance product? Maybe even a home insurance product that covers phones too.

Well @TeriWanderi has experience with this. He should tell us his experience and recommendations. I want to insure my phone too.

.Talked to Kenya Orient some time back after purchasing a new phone.Its not cheap. Realistically you would have to be insuring an expensive phone to put in for their cover.
The home insurance line would be an interesting line to follow . Hopefully someone has info on that.

Kenya Orient’s system has been down almost all year. According to their office, they were upgrading to a more modern system but everything went quiet during elections.

If you need to insure your phone right now, the quickest way to reach them is via Facebook Inbox. be sure to give them either your phone number or email address so they can send you instructions. During business hours, this process could take 1 hour (10 hours if they’re really busy).

Insurance works as follows:

Buy a new phone
New phones are recommended, as they have the longest insurance coverage. Kenya Orient will not cover a phone that’s older than 2 years (from the phones launch date) so a phone that launched on Nov 3rd 2017 like the iPhone X can’t be covered past Nov 3rd 2019.

Get your ETR
To insure your phone, ETR is mandatory. You cannot file a claim with them if you don’t have an ETR (I know, I checked) So if you buy from side dealers - somalis, pakistanis - be sure to get the ETR. If you buy from Amazon, try attach the online receipt for purchase. They review this one on case-by-case basis.

Calculating your Premium
You send a message to 70707 with the following details:

  1. Official Name:
  2. ID Number:
  3. Mobile number:
  4. Model of the phone:
  5. Storage capacity of the phone:
  6. Month and Year of purchase:

You then receive a message detailing the premium you are to pay. They say it’s calculated at 10% the cost of the phone + TAX - for my S8+ retailing at KES 95,000, I paid a premium of KES 9620.

Important Points

When you sign up for Orient Mobile there is a 30-day waiting period for accidental physical damage claims and a 14 day waiting period for loss/theft. This means that if your device is damaged within the policy period, that claim is not payable.

There is a 14 day waiting period for loss/theft claims. This means that if your device gets lost/stolen during this period, your claim is not payable.

This is really sad because it means you have to take really good care of your new device until the premium kicks in.

See the attached document for a detailed explanation of their Terms & Conditions

Kenya Orient Mobile Cover Terms and Conditions Dec 2016.pdf (802.7 KB)


Thank you @TeriWanderi