Smartphone cases, aren't they overrated?

I see everyday people with very well designed smartphones. Work was put in and design was like 40% the reason you made a purchase decision of that phone, much lower if it was a hand-me-down (which in that case it wasn’t a purchase decision, but I digress). Why then do we decide to water that down with a clumsy looking smartphone case? Look at the above atrocity, it’s a menace to society!

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It must have something to do with the perceived cost of replacing the screen should it get scratched. I mean I wouldn’t even think of buying a cover for a low end smartphone, but when you’ve really spend top dollar to get one, natural instinct is to protect it. I’ll agree though that most cases in the market look like shit.

@Joshua_Mutua getting a screen protector is good, I advocate for it as displays don’t come cheap and a smashed one doesn’t look good.

Cases on the other hand are almost wrong, especially when they look like they were inspired by Mad Max the movie.

In my opinion, you could probably ignore or somewhat accept some SUBTLE phone cases(unlike the one above), however, the thing that totally irks me is this FLIP CASE nonsense, I mean why??? Unless its dotview where it integrates with the screen and can be functional, this other ones are just a waste. Lets not even discuss how fast they break apart!!! :persevere:

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It’s ok to trash smartphone cases until you’re in a position where you need to spend $200 (or even more!) to replace a broken screen. We can all agree that flip cases are awful but we just can’t trash smartphone cases as whole. There’s a wide variety of cases. It also helps which one you want most: a (naked) stylish phone that you will show off everywhere you go and end up footing high maintenance costs when the worst happens or a device with a nice protective covering that will also cover you when that day of reckoning comes. Also, some of these cases help with preventing the general wear and tear of devices. I know this because my 1.5 year old Note 3 has mostly spent its life between a see-through Capdase silicon case and a sturdy “mudguard-like” Promate case and it is as good as new despite heavy use over the last one year. In the end it’s about you and what your phone means to you. I am not a fan of screen protectors though. I just want a case that protrudes for a few milimetres to make sure that should my device fall facedown, it doesn’t come into face-to-face contact with the floor/concrete or whichever surface and as a result doesn’t get scratches. There are good screen protectors yes but I don’t need one that will stand between me and the pressure sensitivity of my S Pen. On other devices, I just don’t want anything between me and that gorgeous display.

Keep your phone naked! A case hampers the daily interaction of the phone. If you’re worried about dropping it, get insurance or work on strengthening your hand strength.
When was the last time you saw a bush guard on a Supercar? 'Nuff said.

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I would usually strap on a case for grip. Most phones come out the box looking like freshly melted titanium but as soon as you hold them, you realize that they actually feel like you’re holding a wet bar of soap.

Some cases like those flip cases suck a lot. Almost everone’s got them, I don’t see the use of them; the backpart looks the same as your phone and the flip does nothing to protect your screen from cracking once it falls. But like almost everone owning a Samung or Tecno has got one. Plus after some months, the sides start cracking or coming off exposing the inner plastic or whatever.

Yup, especially the old plasticky Samsung phones before metal started becoming their thing. Things fall apart, literally.

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There are only two reasons for using a case on your smartphone 1. If you are a chic and you want a cute cover 2. if you are a mechanic (or an equivalent assignment). If you are a regular guy who works at the office and all you fear us dropping your phone on the floor then there is no need to have a cover…actually i find covers clumsy and flip cases are annoying. If you bought a phone worth 50K then replacing a screen for 10K won;t be an issue, will it?

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i barely use any screen covers,the most i add on my phone is a screen protector and my current one doesnt even have one,i guess i am so used to simu ikiwa kavu vile iko.I feel like i love it this way though a few drops of the phone has given it a small crack at the top which i regret but the phone is still usable so i will continue in my merry way.