Smart tech home appliances

i think i will go with the philips hue collection coz i really need that Google Assistant compatibility

I have two of the xiaomi smart bulbs that @kiharajon linked above. They are as bright as a kawaida bulb when set to the white option, colours are just slightly less bright but still quite good.

They connect directly to your wifi and don’t need a hub. Normally they need the internet to interact with but I’ve seen rumours of LAN control for interaction without internet but I haven’t followed them up.

They are compatible with several smart ecosystems. Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT. You can group them, set up routines, control them with your voice etc

Had to check them out… I agree, the prices Are on the high side…

could be through home assistance app maybe.

pale nimefika,i wouldnt care much about the price if Google assistant compatibility is present…will probably have to buy a pack and configure them wirelessly through the app.

currently weighing up getting a 4 pack of Wyze Smart bulbs…from the reviews they seem like exactly what i want plus pretty affordable at around 8k,considering the smart home features and routines i want to use,this will come quite in handy,will report back on this later in the week.

I got two of these and damn,they work so good.Loving every minute i am using them.

Two of Wyze Bulbs or what…!? How much n where…

Yes,i got them from a guy i found on jiji,had to go all the way to westlands to buy them.2k per piece but so worth it.Setting up was quick and easy…works well with google assistant and alexa,can be customized and does not need a hub,just works over your home wifi network.


2K a piece… Hope they last…

thats the idea,but i think they will plus for me its all about the smartness…i already set routines and i can make small adjustments to things like brightness level and doesnt have the many colours like philips hue but i am happy with the current settings…

Anybody know where I can get a universal remote control for a Phillips Hometheatre?

so i was able to successfully link my phone,PC,laptop and smartbulbs as well as the android tv’s using google assistant and amazon alexa.On the PC’s and laptop i am using google assistant through the memu play emulator for android,the alexa app was downloaded from the microsoft store.

Looks like you need the internet to be on to control the xiaomi smart bulb but their cousins the yeelight smart bulb have an option where you can control them directly even without internet as long as you are on the same wifi network.

Just for the sake of future buyers, why did you go with Wyze over Xiaomi?

i went for wyze because it does not need a hub,its easy to set up and works with both google assistant and alexa…

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Smart everything even the dustbin :exploding_head:

an update on this,so i bought another wyze and four xiaomi mi led lights…got them up and running and synced up with the wyze app and xiaomi home app and connected over wifi,then i linked the google assistant and alexa to both apps using my wyze and xiaomi accounts.Now i can control all my smart bulbs using both alexa and google assistant,including increasing brightness and changing the colors(mi led bulbs).I recommend the Mi led smart bulbs because they are easier to configure and have more color options.

Another addition to smart home, I have been trying to find a lock with car like keys which would be on the inside face of the door, when I leave and lock my door with the normal padlock and lock I can press my key and activate the lock, well I found wafu at 9k delivered at jumia.
All worries about locking myself outside have been solved by my online research, it will take 3 weeks to get here but I can’t wait.