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After 30 years it’s funny what excites you, for the last few months I have been loving the home appliances that not only make life easier but also free up more time and cash, I remember the washing machine discussion and some asking if it’s worth it or necessary, we just had a little one and we did not have to get a help to most house shores, here are some of the appliances that have changed my kenyan life.

1- WASHING MACHINE-The best 58k I spent, an LG 7kg washing machine, big capacity, quiet, and
not deplete my tokens, I could have paid a mama fua for along time with
the cash but the machine is very convenient, I really love it.
2-VACUUM CLEANER- Even madam was skeptical with why I wasted 12k on a vacuum cleaner, we
Have since upgraded to a xiaomi robot vacuum, lets just say the house is
always clean, it has a dry and wet vacuum so we only mop the house every
few weeks, the vacuum auto charges and need emptying and water refill
every 2 weeks.

3-DISH WASHER- Now this almost brought a fight,lakini sasa she can’t imagine life without it, see
those uji, ugali and tea sufurias and annoying plastic utensils they come out
clean and dry, we load through the instead of dumping plates in the sink and
wash at night, and yes it cleans well better than a person and dries.

4-INDUCTION COOKER- Kenyans fear cooking with electricity because of tokens, gas is good but it
cuts in the middle of ugali spinning, now I got an induction cooker and after a
year of using it I can say it’s cheaper that gas by far, and it’s really fast, BUT you
will need new cooking pots with steel bottoms, we have gas just incase kenya
power decides we need darkness, but they have been efficinet recently we have
had many blackouts.

5-ELECTRIC PRESSURE COOKER- Yes you can buy cereals from kibanda, or light a jiko on the
balcony and baby sit your githeri for 3 hours or you can get a pressure cooker and set
it to soak and start cooking at 4 pm and be ready by 5 pm when you get home, plus
all the other items you can pressure cook.

6-RICE COOKER- I was in the why do I need this group, then I watched this youtube video

They are not expensive about 4k, i got one and we have never had ugali rice. Rice cookers are actually very smart and can also cook other stuff.

7-FOOD PROCESSOR- It’s a good multi tasker it can kneed your chapati dough without the flour
mess, mince your own meat forget about the questionable shop mince, mukimo
in a minute, chop onions no more tears, chop cabbage, grate carrots, grind
spices and it has a blender jug, a mill and different blades, it saves lots of time.

8-CONVECTION MICROWAVE OVEN- there are normal microwaves then there is this it is a
microwave, an oven, a grill and it has a fan to make it really quick and even nyama

9-SMART DOOR LOCK- a week back someone opened my door and carried my TV in anger I got a
smart lock it has a camera, pin entry and finger print, on top of my normal lock
Juzi a neighbour was caught on the camera trying to open my door (kikulacho) the
police found my tv under her bed, thanks to the camera on the door lock.

10-SMART TAP TIPS, they don’t block the flow of water or require funny gestures, they simply turn
off the water after 60 seconds, if you forget to turn off the sink you won’t find a flood
in your house.

11-SMART SOCKET-I have seen memes of people wondering if they turned off the iron, this turns of
the power after a certain time and you can also check on google home.

12-SMART GFCI- There was a discussion about the suicide showers and I kept looking up at my
shower wondering if I will die in the shower and be found naked dead, this thing is a
Ground fault circuit interrupter, it turns off power if it detects ground leakage which
usually there is a short somewhere or someone is getting electrocuted it turns the power
off and can save life, mine is wired for the whole house.

13-POWER BACKUP- I got a 200AH battery and a 1000 watt inverter tucked away in drawer
somewhere, it backs up my lights, router, Tv and music system, last time there was a
blackout I was able to enjoy 8 hours of back-up, I will add a battery when finances improve.

14-HOME SECURITY CAMERAS- You cannot stop a person determined to to get in your house
but knowing what happened when you were away bring relief and assurance, after the TV
issue , I got a cheap system with 5 cameras and hub that backs up to cloud fo choice , it
activates when you lock the front door with drive you get about 2 days of footage at 1080p if
if you have a hard drive you can connect keep the drive as far away fro the hub as possible
I got a 20 meter hdmi cable and I use a 2TB drive, so far it has been entertaining to see what
the cat does when we are away hope we never get a human visitor when away.

I will continue to update my house as i discover more items that make life easier, enjoyable and safe
the items above are cheap some a bit expensive but once you buy you forget and enjoy the item.


Wow, you helped me A LOT. I was arguing with my girlfriend about getting an induction cooker and a dish washer… Now I have an excuse :grin:. I saw on YouTube that induction cookers can save a lot of cash and reduces accidents. Niliona Hotpoint garden city LG sells theirs for 120k… :fearful:

How and where did you get the smart door lock…
Recommendations …

Nice thread, I also want to start installing smart tech devices in my house especially the lights, smart socket and camera. @kiharajon All I want to know is how do you control the smart devices in your house and which one is better, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Xiaomi AI speaker or just the kawaida Google Home app installed in your phone.

As for me I control my Xiaomi Mibox-S via the Google Home app installed in my phone. This comes in handy whenever I’m in another room and the kids are watching their songs on youtube and suddenly increase the volume fullblast on Mibox-S in the living room. All I do is instruct Google assistant in my phone to either reduce the Mibox-S volume to 35% or mute it entirely. Saves me the trouble of going all the way to the living room and do it myself via the remote. Is there really a need to buy a google home speaker while my phone can do the same thing?

From Assa Abloy, I am sure there are cheaper options online.

For a start you can get the super cheap 4k Ramtons induction hob, it’s nice but for things like ugali or chapati it’s either too hot or not hot enough, you can go for Bosch at 70k for a 4 burner induction cooker, very nice, does not heat the house and the temperature ges up by 0.5 degrees per step.

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Try the Google home hub, you connect everything to it, and then you can use the normal google home app, the best thing about the hub is that you can create rooms and bundle the smart things in that room.

Where exactly can I get this…? Wattage? Oven iko na fan?

By the way, explain this:

  1. Ulieka dish washer na washing machine wapi man? hizi nyumba za thika road hazina such compartments. That is the main reason I’m hesitant kuchukua. Also, hio induction cooker inapika ugali…? (Ya bosch). Sijui mtu akisonga ugali akimove sufuria ka itakua radiated vizuri :grin: :grin:

  2. Hio bot ya xiaomi inaingia poa chini ya table?

  3. Kueka Door lock uling’oa landlord’s stuff?

The Google Home App also creates multiple rooms of which you can bundle devices in them. How much is the google home hub and where did you buy it? i was also contemplating on getting the google home mini coz its affordable but still a bit hesitant since the Google home app does everything the physical hub does. I however stand to be corrected.

chief, @kiharajon anaishi kwake

:joy: :joy: itabidi nivumilie nijenge pia, in years to come.

Very interesting thread.

The Bosch induction cooker you can get from Hotpoint, and yes it cooks Ugali and chapati well, it’s wattage is 100 to 4,500 watts depending on which burner you are using, it’s a worktop cooker so no oven that’s why I have the convection, microwave oven grill with a fan it’s a samsung got it for 19k.
Well the houses in Mombasa are spacious, the washing machine I put next to the wash hand basin ile hukuwa hapo nje ya choo and modified the sink water and drain to take the machine.
The dishwasher fits in the kitchen fine although you need to also have it close to the sink for water and drainage, it’s not that big the size is like those mini fridges.
The xiaomi bot moves well through out the home, it didn’t fit under the glass table but I got rubber feet and it now fits well and the table looks good still.
For the door lock I removed the landlords lock and fit the smart lock it fits just fine, now I use the smart lock plus the normal padlock one that was there since it gives me peace of mind, before you buy you can check one that won’t require you to drill the door.
@Krizwech I got the home hub from a guy who does home automation, it was about 13k, the app does almost everything but the hub supports up to 5,000 smart things and the setup for a new item is very fast .
The mini is nice but a screen is better. the speakers on the hub are also great.

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Very interested,will be following this thread.

This is where there is a problem. You will need a massive kitchen to have a cooker and oven separately. Not for the faint hearted (read tenants).


So guyz this corona virus is messing things up. This weekend I was at the hub Mi-Store looking for smart bulbs/lights and man that place is empty. I asked when the next shipment of new stock will be and the shop attendant just sighed saying, “Coronavirus has affected all our stock import we cant give an exact date on when the next stock will be smh”

if you are shipping anything from china,now is a really bad time to order.Prepare to wait,corona virus has affected factory output and logistics

Yeah, my issue too. I would rather save for LG’s version with an oven. I also saw that Ariston have one for 65k at Hotpoint.

PS: I don’t think Ariston’s option is induction but just a traditional ceramic cooktop

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Induction cookers with oven are way out of my pay scale starting from 280k, go for the single burner ramtons or 10k xiaomi with wifi

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My Orders from China got canceled. The Seller had even shipped the items. Bugger had to issue a refund…


Affected by a new coronavirus epidemic in China, cities were closed, factories were shut down, and employees were delayed from work indefinitely.

As an eBay seller in China, we can do nothing in the impact of this epidemic incident, and we are also hit hard .
It disrupts our lives and work plans ,we had to close the store and expect to return to work by the end of February.

So, your order can not be shipped out recently . (The package that already sent out recently also will be returned back by the logistics company or customs).

To protect you from losses, we can cancel the order and return the money back to you if you want .(Will completed the refund within 3 days after received your request)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
I hope you can understand and look forward to having the opportunity to cooperate with you again.