Signing documents online and touchscreen devices

I have had a need to sign documents remotely, and before the pandemic, this need has never really been immense, and consistent. Thus I introduce this thread for us to document what options we have available, what we recommend for signing documents online. That and also whether this situation has prompted the need for either touch screen laptops or special hardware for the same.

i think when it comes to situations where one has to sign online documents,adobe sign and docusign really stand out as software platforms that support this.Touchscreens on phones,desktops and mostly laptops do come in handy in cases where the E-Sign has to be very unique and specific to you.Like in my case i was signing on a zoom service contract last week and docusign was at play so it really came in handy in signing that document electronically and dispatching it to their sales team.

Also, very related on a policy level. Kenya government now recognizes electronic signature providing entities.