Signal Private Messenger

Anyone using this? Came across it in an article and downloaded it, seems no one in contacts is using it. It’s also coming to Android if I’m not wrong.

I don’t use it and honestly I have just learnt about it now. Critical mass plays a huge part on whether people onboard a service. Telegram got that because of the WhatsApp acquisition by Facebook, Line and Wechat come from a country background. Where does this one come from?

Oh, and as an addon, now that you are an iPhone geek, Techweez is on Apple news (available in US, UK and Australia only). How does one access such if you’re outside that setting @ngeny?

I also got to know about it because I read a lot of material about Edward Snowden and this is his main messenger app what with the encryption and all. I’m currently learning as much about it as I can and I’ll update this topic once i’m sufficiently familiar with it.

Haha, I’m not an expert just a user but I’d think if your Apple Account is a US one then you can get access to Apple News, my credit card is tied to my account so they know I’m in Kenya which means I’ll have to wait till they roll out to Kenya eventually.

I’ve been using it. This is the second day. Only got my attention after the Snowden endorsement. Thanks to my circle of friends, in those two days I’ve already seen its in and out and I like it so much. It’s great. Secure messaging + secure voice calls wins anyday. And screenshots are disabled by default. Also, it integrates with SMS just like Hangouts or Facebook Messenger was 2 years ago. It’s something I plan to use actively going forward. I’m also testing alternatives like Wickr and plan on purchasing Threema soon.

Note: I’m using it on Android. It landed in the last 48 hours. I was sent the APK even before it went live on the Play Store.

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Fiti! Let me get my chaps on it and see how it is properly.

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