Showmax with VPN

So after being convinced about the cost vs benefit of having showmax, I have decided to subscribe to it. Problem is I route all my internet traffic via VPN. I have a firestick and the VPN is always on so I don’t have to reconnect manually upon every restart. Shock on me when I find that showmax does work with the VPN I use. Does anyone know a workaround? And why do they have make VPNs not work with it? I mean if the best steaming sites out there accept VPNs then why are these ones feeling themselves this much?

I use Fire stick and I have not needed to use VPN with it. How different is your set up?

It could be that Showmax is licensed to stream contect restricted to Africa and you VPN to a location outside Africa?

Well I stream content that is mostly not available in Africa so my VPN is always running on firestick. I thought Showmax would fall in like but it does not. I actually cancelled the subscription because I did not think it is worth the hustle. Can’t be disconnecting and reconnecting the VPN everytime I need to switch between streaming apps.

Nope. Tried SA where Showmax has a huge market but they still block any VPN like activity.

Showmax is limited to only the countries it’s active in, and unfortunately the big markets aren’t. I remember downloading movies on phone to watch on the plane when flying. Shock on me. It validates via the IP address.

Why did you opt for Showmax?

They had an offer of Kes 1,000 for one year.

Still do, and I don’t see a reason why I shouldn’t keep that subscription active. It has good cartoons and enough shows from the past that I want to binge.