Showmax Pro Review is out

Took a while, but as usual good things come to those who wait. @kiruti has done a review of Showmax pro and tried to address as much as he could about the product in the review. Here you go, right before EPL football starts in the weekend. Let us hear your thoughts.


It costs the same as the equivalent DSTV Package. The inclusion of the Champions League would have made it more compelling at that price. The mobile version is good value for money :clap:t5:.


Here’s what I have done. Nime approach mtu analipa DSTV. We share the costs. Yeye aone direct from the dish na mimi I stream online.

Support for TV boxes at this price ingekua poa sana. Tunaeza vumilia SD quality to watch a match :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Though I see there are USB to HDMI adapters for phones. May be @martingicheru should do a review. Ama kuna njia to make a TV box’s user agent to appear as a phone ndiyo we bypass the restriction?

Hiyo itakuwa challenge, I use the Android TV app on Showmax, and my account has Showmax Pro for quite a bit.

Guys, I’m not happy with Showmax pro. I watched the community shield game between Arsenal and Liverpool and the thing is a rip-off. The quality is just horrible, HD should be the standard in 2020 but Showmax thinks that they can charge us 1050 (for the mobile) and 2000 for a service that is still at the beta stage. Also, why are South Africans able to watch Champions League football but Kenyans are locked out? Personally, I will not renew my subscription.

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What subscription were you on?

The mobile version

But the mobile version is stated to be SD quality (480p). Why is it surprising?

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I wanted to give it a try first before i make any decisions. And my conclusion is that Showmax pro does not offer me value for money.

Mobile version is clearly stated in SD quality. Since Showmax is part of DSTV, I can speak for DSTV Now juu hiyo natumia as of now.

I assume you’ll experience the same crystal crisp HD Quality (720p and 1080p options) on DSTV Now on Showmax PRO too.


The case for me is a bit different. I would spend more than that 2k on one weekend watching games in the pub, and that doesn’t work for late night games. That or I’ll be trying some shady links that were very inconsistent in experience.
Now with the Pro (2k) I can watch on TV, laptop and phone, with very good quality. And to cap it all, if you have an S/O who supports a rival team and games are at the same time, they can watch a separate match from another device.


Hiyo most likely ni 360p ata :joy::joy:.

Interesting bit, unrelated to Showmax Pr0, is that you can add Showmax to your DStv account free if it’s the Premium version, but for 50% discount if in other packages.

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Noted on DSTV premium it’s free.

Kumbe pia other DSTV packages unapata 50% discount? Does that include Showmax Pro?

No it doesn’t, mentioned in the article.

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So, is the Showmax Pro worth it…

This is for the whole of Showmax, they have added local TVs to the app.

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Another Showmax Pro Offer, no idea if it can stack with the 50% off for those with dstv but you can try.

There is the Showmax subscription offer going on. Pay 2,100 for 3 months. Well, I’ve decided to try stacking and been pleasantly surprised to have my expiry moved to August 2022. Hope I won’t be downgraded once they realise what I’ve done.


Damn,thats a lot of value you about to unlock…Btw showmax pro has increased the number of live games its showing on the platform especially from the Premier League,EFL,La liga and Seria A…The sports section is where some of us be spending a lot of our time.