Should Techweez Start an Insider Program?

We’re seeing an increase in the number of tech products being launched in Kenya - Apps, Phones, Cloud Managed Services, Fellowship Programs - and majority targeting the average consumer. What I haven’t seen much of though is a public platform where enthusiasts can come together and test out these products/services BEFORE they’re publicly available.

Now Individually, this would be challenging to do as most of us don’t wield as much clout as influencers in the developed world, but through an ‘Insider Program’ we could provide companies access to technical professionals who already have their workplace & public’s trust to work with them in improving and creating awareness for their product.

Given what has been happening in the last 2 years - Companies launching previously unknown (rumoured?) products that end up failing, Scattershot marketing approach with no relevant target priorities, ‘celebrities’ endorsing products just for money (no real passion) and ‘influencers’ marketing products they clearly don’t fully understand - I believe there may be a way for all parties to benefit from this. Lifestyle Appeal bloggers seem to be doing well, but tech influencers are still necessary.

Primary benefits include:

  • Early access to upcoming products and services for UAT and awareness purposes.
  • Companies speak directly to technical professionals who are key decision makers in their respective organizations
  • IT Professionals/Enthusiasts have advanced Knowledge of implementable systems making it easier to market & advise clients
  • Techweez establishes itself as a go-to partner for companies open to relevant customer oriented marketing.

Do you think this is something we need? Please vote & comment below. We’d love to know your thoughts on this.

  • Yes. This is a great idea. Techweez can help build credible tech influencers.
  • No. Companies aren’t keen on this & the public isn’t interested anyway

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This is actually needed and it will be interesting to see how it will turn out. I know of companies/brands who will be interested in this.

See @martingicheru there is interest here. And you have access to people with various skills and interests in useful proportions that you could manage this program.

Interested insiders would work on the products they feel most passionate about and give feedback on this platform, with interested clients reading the findings at the same rate as the general public - for transparency.

Some cases would be closed market research, but if a tech company wants to win the long term trust of the techies and the people they advise, this is a great way to start.

The Techweez Insider Program (TIP)

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I think this is awesome and you’ve explained it perfectly. I’ve been involved in a number of product promotions on social media and brands want visibility, but the end customer needs to have a good understanding of the product being displayed to them and not just buy it coz its the latest on offer.
Not so long ago when my mum used to think about buying a new phone she’d ask me to give her suggestions on the best options available. Being a techie I would know where to get this info on gadgets online. Now whenever she wants to buy a phone she just goes to Jumia and looks at the phones on offer, compares the specs; (how high the digits on the specs are vs the price :grinning:), and she can make her choice from there. However with this a problem emerges. Even with the impressive specs they’ve ended up disappointing along the way and for one of the devices the manufacturer didn’t even have spares.
If tech professionals and enthusiasts alike can be able to test products and services before they are launched and provide their feedback, on this platform, it can really go a long way in;

  1. helping the ordinary user to determine if a product is worth buying
  2. helping vendors shape future products and services to meet their customers needs through a continuous cycle of product improvement based on feedback from their users, both technical and non technical.
    TIP would be awesome
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can we have this but with a different name,not insider program…

Name suggestions???

How about Techweez Community Marketplace?

What? I don’t like…Keep thinking.

Open to suggestions. This is a place for conversations so may the best answer/name win :slight_smile: