Should I use Tor

Tor enables you to browse internet anonymously ensuring your privacy and security.

you can use Tor but is it necessary for the work you are doing? if illegal you can still be traced so be careful. For instance you are connecting online using a safaricom modem with a sim card full of personal details.

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Even your ISP does not know what you are doing since your HTTP requests are fully encrypted

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Not really. Only HTTPS connections are encrypted, and even then the certificate must be valid (e.g validated via browser’s root CAs. In short: Make sure the padlock is always green, and don’t ignore browser certificate warnings ). Even then, ISPs will still know the host visited (/IP).

Any requests on HTTP are fair game for anyone between you and the server you’re communicating with.
Hypothetically speaking, your favourite fast-WIFI coffee shop could have all kinds of information about you.

Top put it in perspective: simply logging in to this site (assuming you are using username/password), sends your credentials via a HTTP POST request (unencrypted) (see example login request post data below); while simply searching something on Google, sends via HTTPS GET (encrypted).

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chief that was helpful

I think you strayed from the main topic of conversation

i.e. Tor enables you to browse internet anonymously ensuring your privacy and security.

On tor, even on plain HTTP, everything is encrypted from your computer through the relays until the exit node. This is what makes tor special and not just 5 VPNs linked together. So basically only the exit node would know what I am trying to access but it would not know who is trying to access it.

The only reason why HTTPS is insisted when using Tor is to protect yourself from a malicious exit node that could possibly MITM all the traffic that comes out of it.

Hence, if I visit a site e.g. using a safaricom modem, Safaricom themselves would never know that I visited that site but it would be safer if I used so that the exit node in the Tor network cannot MITM the traffic

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But yeah, it EXTREMELY VITAL that you ONLY access HTTPS enabled sites


Use Tor to log into wikileaks or liveleak if you are a whistle blower to a major government conspiracy but just day to day online shopping use a genuine copy of windows without pirated software (spyware risk) plus on top add a copy of Karspersky internet security.

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