Shortage of Home Printers

Hi fellow wazees/techweez-nyayo,

C.B.C! This devil has forced parents to look for home printers because of the endless “take a photo of your child climbing a mugumo tree, print and stick on a manila paper”.

The effect is a shortage of sub-10k home printers which used to be common.

Where can guys buy, especially from online stores?


If you can, go beyond that price bracket and get an ink tank printer. It will be worth your money in the long term. Cartridge printers (most sub 10k printers are) are only cheap at purchase, the cost for cartridge replacement is steep.


Take this advice seriously. I have a HP printer that I bought 5,600bob back in 2018 only to use it like less than 10 times.

The cartridges cost as much as the printer itself :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Sh*t is collecting dust now.

Same story
Bought a 3 in 1 Hp Catridge Printer…
Swore to never try that bullshit ever again…
Inktank is the way to go…

Looks like #HP is rallying to pre-order ink for you …

Can’t imagine how this could be abused intentionally or unintentionally? Ink is still enough to print some pages but refuses and immediately orders new shipment …

HP’s business model is subscription. We been knew.

I would figure this to be true if the use case is small office. If it is home use (one or two pages per week at most), forking out 20K for an ink tank seems overkill?

Besides, these cartridges promise about 100 pages per fill which is about enough mild/rare usage no?

Looked that up, the service is not available in Kenya

Once a kid starts experimenting on printing things, photos, logos, face masks ALA face paintings etc … even paper will be a considerable cost

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