Shopping from International Sites

Hi all,

In terms of cost, efficiency and reliability which of these sites(Vitumob,Oretin, any other you’ve tried) scores the highest. Please share your experiences. I’ve already tried and it works really well. I wanted to compare it with other sites.


well,vitumob have a great service so far…they are very transparent on costs,have more payment options including MPESA,customer services are great and shipment to my doorstep for parts i have ordered came before the expected date of delivery which was impressive…they always communicate esp over phone and email

I decided to give Vitumob a try. The customer service is great just like you pointed out. I also like the cost breakdown. Option for paying with a mobile wallet is also nice to have although i didn’t use it(I’m a card person). I’m just waiting for the delivery(doesn’t seem to provide good tracking however). Thanks Dree.

me too,i am waiting for delivery of my two items…i wish they had better tracking capability so i can know what stage my parcel is at on transit.Good thing is i know the expected delivery dates for both items so i will just be patient and wait…besides they might surprise me before end-month.