Shopping for genuine devices

Case 1: Last month I bought a Tecno phone as a gift to someone and its cost me around Kshs. 9,000. Thing is the phone is now barely three weeks old and its misbehaving already. It restarts at will sometimes.
Case 2: A friend of mine bought a sony xperia worth around 24k from a ‘genuine’ dealer somewhere along Tom Mboya however I am pretty sure that phone is not original.

So my question is how do you ensure you’re buying an authentic product in Kenya when everyone in the market claims to be genuine dealers? I know a couple of genuine shops but what about the rest? And what did you check on your device before purchasing it?

You could start with buying from proper dealers like Safaricom, Airtel, Midcom or Fonexpress. With those even the warranties are in-house, unlike others who will give you a warranty that means them handing it up to the actual dealers for warranty and that being an endless wait. I guess it’s also good to work with vendors that the OEM endorses. Like if you’re buying a Tecno, ask them where they recommend you get one.

I am sure that most of us have been victims when it comes to purchase of devices. The problem is probably we also have many genuine dealers who stoke fake phones. As a customer, how do you know if a dealer is genuine or not?

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If I was to buy an expensive device, I would just go to a branded shop and avoid tao. If I was to buy a device from another shop, I would ask for a warranty and ask if they can take back the device if it gets spoilt.
The good thing about Samsung phones is that wherever you buy them from, to activate warranty, you just send your IMEI number to *#06#. :smile:

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Talking about counterfeit devices, LG is raising the alarm about fake devices. If you take keen interest in these things then you may have noticed the increase in LG G3 “deals” lately.

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The best implementation of counterfeit checking is what Samsung have. You send a text, system queries and gives you feedback. And you know IMEI is on the box, so you don’t need to have purchased. For LG the toll free number is not guarantee that the call will be picked fast.