Sharktank or Dragon's Den, Kenya version by Kenya

So KCB has announced that they will be embarking on production of a Shark tank style show with NTV. This is them saying that we think we are ready to do what Mark Cuban and team do, but with Kenyan investors.

It’s a good thing to dream, but what do you think is the potential. They didn’t divulge much at the launch and questions on specifics were met with what some people in the tech spheres call bullshitting.

Well, if they’re going to make it as interesting and as dramatic as shark tank (which i highly doubt) then fine BUT the difference between shark tank and these local offshoots (tilapia tank on citizen) is with shark tank they actually follow up on the competitors both the ones who get the investments and the ones who don’t HERE once the “winner”-usually only one; gets the money they disappear and we never hear from them EVER. Shark tank’s model ensures there’s continuity and the number of winners and “losers” is always balanced. Plus they use high net worths, not employees or judges who have no business even vetting other peoples’ businesses (how do you decide if a business is viable if you’re not even a successful businessman yourself ???)

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You guys remember “The Presenter” which aired on KTN?. I don’t know whether its the same thing but if its anything like the “The Presenter” then i’ll definitely be watching. I think i’ll start by watching “Shark tank”. Never watched it.

Dragon’s Den, Shark Tank, and now Lion’s Den. Why do they make these things sound like dates with death?

Should we have cat’s den or Soya beans den so it feels safer? :joy::joy::joy: