Share your favourite Kenyan YouTube tech channels

While YouTube has really taken off locally and there is no shortage of local content over there, there isn’t that much when it comes to tech stuff produced by Kenyans. I’ve only been checking out a few channels besides our own. Like Saruni’s, Dickson’s and a couple of others.
I was on Facebook this morning when I came across this good unboxing and initial walk-through video of the Tecno Phantom 6s by Ken Wambua. Up until this morning, I did not know the guy nor his video channel’s existence. I was shocked that he has been reviewing products for a while now and I hadn’t stumbled on his channel. So there must be several other cool local tech channels on YouTube that I’m yet to discover. Please share them. Feel free to do some self promotion if you happen to run a channel yourself that you think we should know about.

Ken’s channel is good. You should check out Dominic’s (Tech Sawa) channel as well.

I’m a keen follower of that channel already. as well have a YouTube channel

Been checking it out too for a while. I just wish Kevin (Mobi) and Dominic (TechSawa) talked a bit in their videos. I stick around channels because of the delivery by the person on the other side. I want to hear you speak and I want to hear your opinion on the tech you’re handling. I guess others would want to hear that too. Yes the phone has HiOS user interface, then what? Is it good or bad? Yes there are these shiny headphones in the box and all, then what? Save the captions and spec listings for quick FB videos. So far, only yourself, Sally (Techweez) and now Kenny seem to be doing that. This is what I’m looking for and so far it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of it.

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There is Technology Sage channel by myself. Been around for quite some time.

Nice, thanks for sharing. I’ll definitely check it out.