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I am on the 5mbps lte one. Does it have any bandwidth limit or cap? How about the cheaper 3 mbps one? I called safcom, the guy on the other end didn’t seem to understand what I was asking. Basically he told me that the 5mbps service is unlimited (i doubt that) but the 3mbps one is capped at 200gb (speeds drop to one mbps on exhaustion). Any ideas?

It should have a limit. Originally there was no caps but they were introduced with FUP… Let me confirm


I am talking about LTE not 4G. I think there is a difference. For example I pay sh 5500 monthly not 5300

FAQs: Internet For Business - Safaricom

Only the lowest tier has caps

So it appears the safcom guy knew what he was telling me. I guess I have the best package out of the whole pack. I was considering downgrading since I use about 300Gb monthly. I better hang in there

The way KRA is taking notes while reading this post :grin::yum:

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So far my monthly usage is showing at 150GB

1-23rd… would have lost proper connection by mid-month on saf