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Just watched Techweez’s video and I’m wondering, how much data have you used so far this month? For me, 21 days in, 1.1TB. Not even trying, in extreme cases I can easily surpass 4TB. This thread will be useful for those seeking to understand how much data average techies use (to avoid generalizations :smile:). Liquid Telecom customer here

Have been throttling my torrents so as not to hit FUP. 600GB 2 weeks in…

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Why do you need to torrent, can’t you stream?

Kina Netflix or those sketchy sites?

  1. Quality of Content

  2. Offline Availability- One off Download and there is no need for internet on each and every subsequent rewatch

  3. Option to specify what exactly you want like you want it

  4. To counter Georistriction nonsense and curate content which otherwise is stretched out across various providers i.e Netflix, Disney, Prime…

  • These assumes you are asking of Netflix Streaming. Most of the above points would still apply for Sketchy sites…
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Unatumia nini kuangalia usage yako

i agree sometimes you need a home server to host content that is available on other streaming apps or platforms in 4K coz 4k streaming can be tricky.So torrenting lazma…so far my monthly usage is at 500GB

My provider uses Splynx services. So you can check ata live usage if you want to through its portal.

Martin, sijui I invite you for comparison between streamed content and disk (UHD copy or BluRay with lossless audio) :grin:. The difference is night and day if you’ve the right equipment

Key Rider …
Otherwise just stream…

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:point_up_2:t5:What he said.

Kwanza 4K UHD HDR quality is just on another level btw i even feel it

Media Server Last 2 Weeks… Been throttling my Downloads a bit…


That’s simply traffic on my media server and excludes uses by other devices …

My Current Download Queue (1.7 TB)… Have Items that are aleady in the queue on low priority while new downloads get a normal priority.


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I checked my usage using Safaricom *400#. It’s not very exact since it gives you only average usage and not exact usage for the month. Saw I was below 500GB, subsequently I downgraded from the 20mbps to 8Mbps package. Slight slow down in speeds but I can live with that since we almost exclusively stream and only torrent rarely.


With the Introduction of FUT Safaricon should at the least give Customers information on Real Time Usage… This would enable one to plan around their Data Usage…

July Data Usage…

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Setup your own intermediary router with firewall using pfSense. You’ll get all the stats that you need, and even throttle traffic - this is allocating different bandwidth speeds to different devices in your home or office network.

Recommendation on a good Intermediary Router…

You can use any old computer, but the best option are thin clients. Thin clients because your pfSense router will be on 24/7 and you want to NOT waste electricity. A thin client has low power consumption. You can get a used one for cheap like this one HP T620 Thin Client J5G24UP | AMD GX-415 Quad-Core 1.5GHz | 4GB - No SSD | eBay

Thin clients are basic computer terminals that are used primarily when connected to a server. So instead of a company buying e.g. 20 full desktops, they can buy 20 cheap thin clients, connect them to one powerful servers, then the 20 employees will get a full desktop experience, Just connect keyboard, mouse and monitor to the thin client.

You install pfSence in a thin client to become your router / firewall. Your pfSence router will sit between your ISP router and your home network. pfSence is free opensource router software that can do lots of powerful things. One of the best thing you can do with it is to create multiple vpn connections. E.g. One to UK, another to US. Routers that come with Ke ISP’s don’t allows us to setup VPN connections with them (routers for ISP’s that I’ve used. Don’t know about others), so if you want to watch e.g. US content on Netflix, you have to install the VPN in the device that you’re watching on, but if you install VPN on the router, all devices in the network will be connected to the VPN. With pfSence, you can run multiple VPN’s concurrently. You can have one connected to the US, another to the UK, you can be watching US netflix on you TV, someone else could be watching UK ITV or BBC iPlayer on the computer. And if you want direct connection to you ISP, you can have that running as well. Unlimited connections. The only limit will be the hardware that’s running your router. The more powerful the CPU, the more throughput can be routed. The HP T620 can handle over 500mbps, relative to the routing rules, which is way more than we can get access to in Ke. But in the US, guys have 1 Gbps links.

Guys with Safaricom LTE for business, how do you determine how much data you use? I emailed safaricom and it seems there is no practical way

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Did the same. Eventually, stopped trying