SGR Kenya online booking, travel; Any Experiences?

I had the chance to experience SGR on day zero with the president, but the plans were quite hasty and to be honest felt like it would be a hectic event for a small wig like me. One needed state house approval to be on the train back, and that could only be confirmed once one reached Mombasa, not before, ideally one needn’t have left Nairobi before confirming. So I passed.

But I still intend to travel aboard that train. At least several times. Who has made the trip, and what was your experience?

Waiting for the online ticketing.

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Waiting for online ticketing. If you need experience advice - real one, not that mass media propaganda - talk to the small travel firms that take people there.

Stejos Tours
Expedition Maasai Safaris
Turnup Travel

These three have taken clients via SGR so they can give you richer reviews.

I agree with Teri,SGR seems to be on a roll,their demand is way up and their trains are getting busier,its just a matter of time before they launch nightime trains,then One can live in Msa,work in Nairobi and Vice Versa

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