Service Providers Should Drop this Marketing Gimmick of Extra 4G Data Bundles

I think Telkom and Airtel need to drop this crap of giving users bonus 4G data bundles. What is the essence of such offers when these networks operate 4G hotspots? It does not make sense. I no longer use these networks but I think it’s a high time they dropped such marketing offers. If you have to give subscribers a bonus don’t discriminate. Otherwise they should stop using such marketing gimmicks to hoodwink consumers knowing very well 4G coverage is lacking.


What do you mean by 4G hotspots?

Term I coined a while back to signify networks that have scattered 4G coverage. So it’s more of a WiFi hotspot. You in the CBD you have 4G as soon as you reach Jogoo road or Waiyaki way you back to 3G/2G.


Which network operator started with full 4G coverage in Nairobi? Have you ever seen 4G+ on your phone yet?

Not necessarily full but adequate coverage and yes Safaricom and Faiba have done it from the word go. Not full but adequate coverage.

Yes I have many times several areas around Nairobi.

Its just a product to encourage subscriber to go 4G.

I think a journey of a thousand Miles starts with a step…
You don’t expect to get full coverage from the first day. Investments take time…

Not full but adequate. Even as of now Safaricom does not have full coverage as of now.

Not bad for the lucky ones.

This is important for various reasons:

  1. The obvious one is to encourage users to migrate to 4G
  2. The cost of marketing such a service is better spent giving people actual value instead of ads
  3. They need to understand adoption rates and use that data to plan out their expansion plans
  4. They need to map out usages to solve their ‘traveling salesman problem’

Take for example @deewinc who seems like a heavy ‘4G’ user when connected but spends most of their time in a ‘dead zone’ on legacy connectivity. They’ll come online and tweet about it Maybe even go to techweez and write in the forum. This data is scrapped, aggregated and you are given a score. They then compile such data and determine a rollout plan where they deploy 20% of the resources but satisfy 80% of the ‘heavy users’

They have to start somewhere and there’s nothing Kenyans respond better to than ‘free’ (Innovation in Africa is around cost). I would hope this is the approach they’re taking and not the lame copy paste of ‘where is the competition at? That’s where i need to be’ that’s seen Zuku, JTL Faiba & FTTH all condensed in the same neighbourhoods while the larger population remains unserved. One cannot assume that fringe neighborhoods like Utawala, Ruiru, Kikuyu don’t have subscribers willing to pay. They do They just haven’t been given the chance

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I am on 3g using Airtel line but I see the double data offers wat needs to be clear here is u need 4g enabled line to get the offer unlike telkom which limited u to being in a 4g zone

Safaricom’s and Telkom’s implementation is better(for them that is). You need to be connected to their 4G network for you to enjoy the promo/tariff.

This is Telkom’s philosophy from the days of Orange. For Airtel may be they are constrained financially and that’s why they have launched 4G in a few areas in Nairobi and Mombasa.

But does it make economic sense to set up a 4G BTS in a town such as Nyeri as opposed to a populated region such as Eastlands where it is highly likely to have more people with 4G phones hata kama zile za watu walishikwa ngeta than the former? Telkom are losing it.

I remember Safaricom when they launched 4G back then you could walk in the middle of Mathare, Kibera, and Dandora and find the huge billboards advertising Safaricom 4G alongside daily data+bundles

At first I thought why would they waste resources to target slum areas but then something clicked in my mind. They know where the numbers are.

For point number 1 and 2 that is perfectly fine. For point number 3 I don’t think it’s applicable to Telkom.

Telkom’s philosophy at best. But as you can see Fiber ISPs now want a share of 4G after what they saw Faiba do or probably 4G is cheaper to deploy than fiber expansion.

Then this is cool for Airtel.

I like this :ok_hand:

Here’s some clarification on the double data on Airtel. You MUST be browsing on 4G to enjoy the bonus data. Half the data you can use on any network but the other half must be used on 4G. I bought the double data yesterday and here are some texts that confirm this point. Remember this is Airtel.