Seriously, Why has Telkom's CC mastered the art of denying customer complaints?

I’m so fuming right now. Off late, Telkom’s network is so sh!tty. I mean nearly on a daily basis, their network has to go down completely. The situation is even worse when it rains. When I mean down, I mean the network struggling between no network bars and emergency mode.

Any effort to make complaints to customer care would be met with a series of responses that make the customer look stupid.

Remember this is the network that I once complained of lack of 4G availability in Eastlands and they denied it until I uploaded a video demonstrating the lack of 4G in Eastlands. They still denied it until they sent people on the ground who proved that Eastlands greatly lacks 4G.

Before rebranding, I was using the network on 3G and I can say the speeds were fairy good. 5-10mbps that was good. But months later after rebranding and using 4G to market themselves despite the fact that they have 4G Hotspots, Telkom’s network has become a huge inconvenience.

Any effort to report and have the problem escalated is met with a CC that seems to be trained to argue with customers instead of escalating the issues. You have to argue with these guys when you are the end user and not them.

For example, I reported an issue today that seems to be recurring especially when it rains and suddenly Telkom’s network takes a hike. Whenever you try to report the issue you receive funny responses, we can see your line is okay from our end. Restart phone and try again. Today I was even told to do a manual network search. Damn! I bought a dumb phone that cannot pick the network automatically.

Based on the considerable number of Telkom articles that seem to praise Telkom on Techweez’s main site, I’m curious to know if they are sponsored articles since none of them speaks about the problems some of us have raised here. I might be wrong so I stand to be corrected.

If the articles are sponsored, then that means Techweez know somebody at Telkom whom complaints from this forum can be used to provide useful information to the company to know key areas that they should address. I know it’s about business but not bad at all to inform Telkom about it Again, I might be wrong so I stand to be corrected.

Anyway, as I consider making the painful switch back to Safaricom (Airtel sh!tty ASF too but at least they don’t argue with the customers like Telkom),

  1. How many of us have encountered such reception by Telkom’s CC?

  2. Is it a representation of Telkom’s leadership to be specific customer support (Why would their CC engage you in an argument of denying customer complaints rather than escalate the issue? Perhaps, they are told not to escalate customer complaints unless it is something that is affecting a large number of customers)?

Safaricom hata kabla umalize typing washakupigia simu.

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The problem with Techweez is that they don’t indicate sponsored articles. Ive seen articles in other websites where they indicate that it is sponsored and Techweez doesn’t indicate the same. (The last one I saw was an article about Safaricom Customer Service). I think I saw it in like 2 other websites. The difference was that the others were indicated as “sponsored” while Techweez did not do the same.

@deewinc why do you underestimate the power of you publishing your complaint here on Techweez forums? This forums has all kinds of silent members, and rest assured that your message has reached home. Now you ended up raising a different point by talking about your customer service problem, I don’t know which one between whether Telkom is our client and how we work with them or how Telkom handles their customer service we should address in this thread.

But since your initial topic was about Telkom Kenya product and their customer service, I would ask your permission that we discuss this topic here, and we can choose to start a new thread on how Techweez works with it’s clients, and whether it goes in the way of getting a good experience with these said clients.

Shall we?

Probably part of my post has been understood out of context. I posed a thought suggesting that there are higher chances of Telkom sponsoring ads on Techweez and if that is true, I posed another thought if there are any chances that Techweez knows an insider in Telkom whom they might want to put the complaints raised on this forum to their attention.

In other words, my interest is not how Techweez works with its client(s) but a thought of how the chances of knowing an insider at Telkom might have an upper hand in escalating the issues faced by the client’s customers.

Which brings me to the point above. The issue is simple just as the header suggests and it is purely about a problem with Telkom’s CC. So I don’t know why you say I raised a different point about customer service problem. The post is about Telkom’s customer service problem and the only thing that I introduced is the aspect of Techweez knowing an insider at Telkom who might be of help. It that’s simple.

Which you have mentioned above.

Don’t waste your time with telkom, stay with safaricom especially on the 4G product.


I always use Telkom for play and chill internet use where I do with the cheap net, but for work even as simple as sending a whatsapp picture I have to use safaricom which is way reliable, Telkom was okay on the first month of their rebrand but nowadays I can say that the service is very poor even on 4G, Youtube playback on 4G is 144p default and loading websites takes loong, the last tweet from them last week said that I should expect low quality service on 2G/3G and 4G for some times as they work on the issue further inquiry into the time expected to rectify is a few weeks maybe 5.

This is valuable. Today morning they booked my case and are now making a follow up. Even the person who called noticed that there was so much inteference while talking. She could not hear me clearly and neither did I. So she called on Safcom and ww communicated.

2 hours later I can see the network has all bars now from no network bars. I have managed to connect to the internet after nearly 24 hours and it’s super slow.

But I’m taking heed of advice. Have no option but to switch back to Safaricom.

Telkom customer service is a test of patience. They refuse to acknowledge your issues, take you round in circles and good luck trying to escalate a problem.

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Exactly. I believe it represents the leadership at the company because there is now way you can engage in an argument with a customer who has paid for a service and is not getting the service they have paid for.

Even when you beg them to escalate the query they will still refute. That means they are always told to try and do something to shun customer complaints.

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funny thing is customers have choice,they just dump your product without warning and move on like the you never existed.Then eventually management will be hard pressed to justify or explain why subscriber numbers and Average revenue per subscriber has gone down.

Even their CEO Aldo Merause does not give a damn. I have tried to tweet him severally and received no response. He rarely responds to Tweets either.

try email,these older chaps don’t do social media,get hold of his email and send him one.

That is hard because most likely the CC email will be handled by one of the social media admins. Getting his email is the challenge.

Email is the worst form of communication in corporate Kenya. Mails are left unread, ignored or blocked by aggressive spam filters.

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So the guy sitting at the customer service desk is usually a hired staff looking at a manual or troubleshooting guide (not a network engineer). If the issue persists I assume they are allowed to consult the technical team. If a hundred people call and complain that 4G is not working in Kahawa for example, they set the technical team on it. If Kamau, one person, calls to say his 4G is not working in Nairobi CBD, i think its only that they can’t tell him to dispose his phone pale kwa shoo za kanjo. So mostly they are following a guide to troubleshoot, maybe it will get better with time when they sort most of the hitches…at least safaricom did.

Well the point of this entire thread is that Telkom’s entire customer support are not helpful at all.

Good luck waiting, I’ve sworn off Telkom.

I agree, Telkom customer care reps and even the ones manning the counters at their shops don’t know jack. Luckily I am a techie and troubleshoot most problems myself. If I hit a brick wall and can’t get the issue resolved, I personally visit their shops. If you cause a loud enough scene they will hurry to find you someone who actually knows stuff. At one point they called me an Asian looking dude at the ExTelecoms shop. The guy didn’t even speak proper English but he figured out why my phone couldn’t pick up 4G despite supporting the appropriate band. That was the time they were launching 4G so I don’t know if you’d be that lucky today.