Sending Money using M-PESA without your sim card a good thing?

Has anyone tried to M-Pesa money without your simcard on?
It’s possible. Now you just enter the pin on Mysafaricom app and money is sent without your simcard being inserted on your phone. A while ago it used to send a STK push notification to your line never keying in the pin on the app itself.
It’s kinda cool if your phone is not duo sim and you are busy downloading with your faiba LTE, Telkom or Airtel line and still want to pay using M-pesa.
It’s not cool since with enough details on a person you can easily defraud them.

My best feature on MySafaricom App. Why have the App but still call up the STK…!

I use it all the time , only disadvantage is when “tebu nionyeshe message ya mpesa” - vendors who dont have their Paybil mobile , cannot verify the transaction
and are most likely new to the app

If you don’t quit right away, you can work without the sim card

The confirmation message will show the transaction code, amount and where it’s been paid to. What it won’t show is time, a lot of waiters want to see time of text when they do reconciling.

I’m seeing a consistent pattern of businesses with Paybills not verifying whether a transaction has been completed on their end and relying on the you to show them the transaction …

  1. Annoying as you can see my balance

  2. What one can achieve using other SMS apps other than the ones on device …


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Apparently now MySafaricom App specifically requires Safaricon Internet to work…

I have Airtel Internet but it’s still telling me I need to turn on Safaricon Internet

That’s new, they’re inviting protests :joy:
Btw I saw T-Kash’s paybill concept ain’t bad, like you pay to a specific holding account then the business/cashier takes the transaction code generated on your side to confirm the payment. Maybe Safaricom can borrow something from them

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Do so. It’s free anyway

My point is it should work with or without Safaricon Internet…

Just checked mine still works without Saf internet

Apparently for the first login you require the Safaricon Simcard and data… After that then you can use any…

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This has always been the case and is understandable.

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I hadn’t noticed it before though…

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MPESA can also evolve into a web service that can be accessed over a browser.

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I’m currently abroad and haven’t used my saf simcard for a while. On both WiFi and other network providers everything’s working fine. Haven’t had to use use my saf simcard to use the mpesa function on mysafaricom app.

Tried the new beta mySafaricom app. The UI is pretty neat and fluid. Sasa nimerudisha Telkom SIM and it won’t let me access the app without a Saf sim card., nimeboeka

How is the safaricom beta app btw?

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Its actually good, difference is UI mostly
It actually detects when the SIM has been changed

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What version is that? I’m on the beta thread and don’t have it.

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