Seeking Help and Guidance on All in One Desktops sold in Nairobi

Guys,i am in the midst of purchasing an AiO Desktop PC and i am currently considering between the HP Pavilion,A Lenovo AiO and a few others,i mostly like the design of the Hp Pavilion 24 AiO and i wish to purchase it if it has the following specs Core i5,8GB RAM,1TB HDD…My budget is 70k,your recommendations are highly appreciated.Thanks.

Have you checked at double lee electronics or at bright technologies thou their prices are usually exaggerated also check at sight and sound computers ltd westlands,Mitsumi distribution and also at computech limited.

i think i saw it somewhere here :point_right:

What are your requirements? Let’s start there.

These days 8 gigs of RAM is entry level spec and if you need storage space, then you have options.

Thanks guys,i was able to buy a HP Pavilion 24 Non-Touch Specs: Core i7,16GB RAM,1 TB HDD,AMD radeon graphics for 75k at a shop along Moi Avenue,thanks for the help so far.

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please share the experience later , am also interested in an AiO PC cuz of my work.

Actually i have just realized i got a really good AiO,apparently it had an Nvidia Geforce Discrete graphics (4GB) and the hard drive space was at 2TB,i noticed all this when i reinstall the operating system,updated the bios and installed drivers…The only issue i am experiencing is freezing when i try to update the chipset driver and the Standard ATAPI AHCI controller,i have forgone the update for now as i explore solutions online,in the meantime all is working so well and i am currently putting the machine to task on some of my ongoing projects.The machine is very fast,no lag and the display is marvelous,its design is a beauty to look at and the sound is truly Bang and Olufsen as indicated.

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This world is full of miracles!


No,sorry that came out wrongly,i meant what was indicated on the box was 1TB and thats what the seller thought he was selling,little did he know he was actually selling a device with 2TB of storage…Sorry my bad,the OS update didnt increase any storage space as i implied in the earlier post.