Secure messaging app Peerio now has mobile apps for Android and iOS

There’s that Apple vs FBI debate going on in the US that has started a new conversation on encryption, its merits and demerits. While it has its downsides, encryption is the only way to keep local authorities wherever you are from snooping around on your devices. Several messaging apps and services have risen to prominence due to their emphasis on providing users with secure encrypted communication channels. They include the Snowden-endorsed Signal and Threema. Popular messenger apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram are already giving authorities lots of headaches due to encrypted chats and they are even exploring further measures. BBM, the legend has seen it all already. There’s a new one, Peerio. It’s been available on PCs for a while and now the mobile apps are here too. Grab it on the Google Play Store or the iTunes Store.

This is peer influence.

:joy: chenzee app ambassador