Searching for Wordpress hosting, what are my options?

Am a new blogger i have been blogging ever since i finished high school. So right now am searching for the right best and affordable webhost to host by blog, I am really confused. Can you help me

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Definitely not Hostgator, a popular choice for many who don’t want to host directly with a local company

What about bluehost… Or suggest one for me

Bluehost is fine as far as I know but with a monthly billing model, it may not be the best solution for someone looking for something affordable and just starting out. Check the packages they have on their website and compare with the other options available to you.

Bluehost for cheap shared hosting wordpress. Though as any other shared hosting, performance degrades with lots of visitors on site. I’ve also used Hostgator before on a wordpress site, and unlike the linked tweet, usu had fast support responses; however, it may be worth noting that case.

MediaTemple and WPEngine for the best Wordpress hosting option; optimized WP installations, support, , certainly not cheap.

Cloud VPS: you could spin up your own server for $5/month at DigitalOcean, though you’ll have to set it up yourself (they do provide good docs). You’ll have full rights on server to do as you wish. Use my referral: digitalocean for $10 free credits to try it out for 2 months

Sad state of local hosting

I don’t love saying this, but I don’t recommend using any local hosts; I’ve used all the popular ones before with issues from less than 60% uptime (mambo hosting, sasahost also fails to reach anywhere near its advertised 99.9% uptime), unplanned site downtime (once on a day I got > 8000 visits, apparently deepafrica thinks that’s a DoS attack), support tickets hanging and generally poor service (. Also, since most just use reseller packages, I won’t really call them local hosts.

If you have to use local hosting eg. can only pay via mpesa or need annual ksh billing; then just use sasahost, though lack of SSL on their login page doesn’t inspire confidence.

Also most of our local hosts (e.g. Sasahost …) store user passwords in plain text.Yes, seriously, and not for the domain, your actual sasahost account. , my yahoo mail is currently down so I can’t list all the culprits. So if you do have an account with them, make sure you aren’t using those passwords elsewhere.

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2GB disk space
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Unlimited bandwidth
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Ksh 3099

Why not use HTTPS?

Expensive or hard to configure?

  • Cloudflare offers free Universal SSL that is very simple to enable on domains (literally click of a button).
  • Let’s Encrypt also provides free, automated certs (though will require configuring). Both are auto-renewing, valid, and FREE.
  • StartSSL also offers a free domain level cert.

Though as a commercial website, $9/yr for a SSL cert isn’t asking much.

Guys, if your website sells stuff; kindly secure your login/client portals. Please.

PS: I’d also recommend using https on any site that allows login. (hint @echenze @martingicheru )

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First DO NOT even think of using any service that has no HTTPS configured for their website because that shows how much of a joke they are and how security is much of an afterthought for them. So this counts for the 2 solutions advertised here.

All recommended big international players here are good because most of the times they have better support, have sys admins who actually know what they are doing and actually if your site does not have that many views a day it does not really necessitate a local hosting.