SEACOM new Corporate identity and brand

SEACOM has introduced their new corporate identity, and to quote their press release;

SEACOM is pleased to announce that it is updating its corporate identity and brand.

SEACOM’s new look reflects its positioning in the ICT marketplace to guide customers through their digital transformation. SEACOM represents the glowing light that quickly and reliably links businesses to the perfect solution for their needs.

To show this from a visual perspective, SEACOM has developed a new style that is more accessible to its customers and the market. In doing so, SEACOM has injected an element of tangibility and approachability into what it is that creates the digital world in which we live, work and play, and how the SEACOM brand can communicate this.

The market can expect a different visual language direction, featuring a vibrant colour palette with luminous lights against a black backdrop, as well as a fully updated website from the company.

And website

What do you think?

Seacom looking dope AF,we shouldnt really take the company for granted though,their importance is realized when you net is very slow on international traffic whenever they suffer a fibre cut…With more cables landing from EMEA regions things should improve much.Good thing is their fibre capacity is still very underutilized locally and regionally giving the company more room to grow in the short to medium term.

I am confused … the company is both a tier 1 and 2 ISP and now wants to be a tier 3 sort of? I ask as they deal with undersea and inter-country backbone fibre but are now trying to appeal to enterprises?

I am talking about internet access side of things and not the virtual server hosting and colocations.

Not trying, they are already in.