[SCAM SITE] Convert Airtime to Mpesa - Tyraweb.co.ke (Best alternatives?)

Hello Guys

So, I got Safaricom Sambaza airtime of 1,000bob and I looked around if I needed to use it or convert it to some cash. I already have internet/calls/sms sorted until Nov 6, 2020. I decided to convert it to cash.

Searched on Google and two top sites showed up

1. Tyraweb - http://www.tyraweb.co.ke/bulksms/airtime-to-mpesa and
2. DBS Kenya - https://dbskenya.com/airtime-to-mpesa-airtime-for-cash/

DBS Kenya offered 70% cashback while Tyraweb offered 80% cashback.

I decided to go with Tyraweb since it offers a higher percentage. Checked the site for other products and saw that they offer Bulk SMS as a primary service. Tried to look around for negative reviews couldn’t find any.

So, I decided to convert the airtime. They promise a 10-minute turnaround time. So, I sambazad the airtime, 1,000bob. That was around 8.30AM

Waited for 30 minutes no response. Decided to make a follow up. Tried to call the number they tell you to sambaza airtime, it’s mteja.

Checked their website/social media pages for contacts and tried to call another number too. It’s offline.

I decided to text the numbers and keep checking for delivery notifications and try to call.

The line that I sambazad airtime was turned on at around 2:40PM - delivery timestamp for the SMS was 2:41PM.

Tried to call the number is offline. Sent follow up SMSs. The messages have been delivered at around 4.30PM and the line went back offline again.

Here are the numbers

  1. 0729 448966 ~ The one I sent airtime.
  2. 0716264465 ~ on their Facebook page.

Now that it’s clear I have been scammed by http://tyraweb.co.ke, which reliable services do you use to swap airtime for mpesa/cash?

UPDATE: Just managed to find two tweets calling them out for being a scam.

And another one here:

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Last time I used in 2017 it was chura

Think they stopped. They were so reliable.

Doesn’t look like they still offer the service …any au contraire? https://www.chura.co.ke/

Though as a retrospective their services are easy grabs for parent companies like #Saf …e.g

  • Paypal to Mpesa and vice versa,

  • Cards to Mpesa and vice versa

The only niche left is bulk airtime top-ups which I think is targeted for orgs and #Saf already has satisfied this in their business line of products …
Realizing this companies like AfricasTalking would be easily wiped if parent companies implemented developer “friendly” ways to use/consume bulk messages, USSD and voice

I can’t remember the technical term but under CAK regulations they’re required to create platforms for third-party companies to benefit from their services. So, that’s an area they won’t touch.

Unfortunately for CHURA and others alike, some services created room for Safaricom to prey.

This guy that owns Escrow Kenya

Runs ~ PayPal to Mpesa service

Unfortunately, Safaricom has nearly killed that hustle. Anything that’s easy to imitate in the mobile sector Safaricom might steal it.

I wish there was a way that Safaricom (and other corporates) could be restricted in how they serve the market purposely to create room for third-party service providers. I also owned a Paypal to M-Pesa and vice versa business between 2014 and 2017 and it was a solid hustle. The guy who owns Escrow was also big in the business at that time.

All of a sudden Safaricom called them for a meeting which later I think was just a way for Safaricom to appropriate their business model and edge them out of the market. That entire industry went down from there.

I remember he posted photos on his timeline from that meeting.

Safaricom had apparently, invited people that do a lot of MPESA transactions to assist in bringing ideas on how to improve the service.

One year down the line, Safaricom launches PayPal to Mpesa.

Right now he’s in EscrowKenya. They pitched for the Lions in Lion’s Den and Chris Senanu gave him and his partner a deal. Dashan wanted to buy their domain for 1 million bob

The challenge here is that, Safaricom can do the same. Investing in Tech is pretty tricky.

And just like that Safaricom encrouches Escrow Services at least on the business owners. Might expand to include consumers.