Scam replies on OLX ads

Has anyone had a reply like this from an ad on olx? I posted an ad of a phone I am trying to sell. I have had several replies, but these two from guys in west africa got my attention.

I had another reply, I was skeptical about it but I decided to play along and see how far it will go…I got the following responses
THis was the pdf filthat I got in my mail,FELIX LUKIRI .FILE0001.pdf (546.9 KB)

Transfer charges from his side reflecting on the invoice :joy::joy::joy:

Aren’t you supposed to get a Swift transfer confirmation from your bank?

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Branch Code NA
Swift Code NA


SunTrust bank is out here sending swift payments without the swift and branch codes. Kwani wanadhani ni survey? Ati N/A.

It seems the famous Nigerian prince is broke. Mtumie simu tafadhali, he really needs to get back on his feet.