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I bought a phone from on the 26th November 2018. Take note that I purchased the phone with a warranty of 1 year. The touch screen became unresponsive in January in the sense that I could not receive incoming calls or even get past the home screen. I forwarded the issue to them and handed over the phone their service centre (rather the one guy who seems to be the only one doing all their repairs) whereby I was advised that it required screen replacement.

Several weeks later, to be exact 6 weeks, I had not yet received any feedback from them. On contacting the guy, Justus Momanyi, he informed me that they are still waiting for a screen (I don’t know from China, Alaska, Antarctica… as it was taking too long & no one had the courtesy to inform me about the same). The ‘service expert’ went on to ask me how much I had been told to pay for the screen and I specifically told him that the phone is under warranty. The phone was barely 2 months under my custody and the screen was suddenly unresponsive, not in any way my own doing as far as I’m concerned.

Fast forward, a week later (now 7 weeks), again after I personally do a follow up, the same guy, Justus Momanyi, is now saying that the phone had traces of water. Keep in mind, this is 7 weeks later whereby there was no mention of this at any point in time. On asking how this was not detected earlier, he tells me that they were simply waiting for the screen to be ‘imported’ and had not opened the phone to do any diagnostics till the other day. Qn: How do you simply order for an item without further diagnosing any other related issues? It’s like going to a doctor, telling him you have a heart issue and he/she puts you on the heart transplant list without doing any other tests till when an organ is found. Then now begins to have your blood group test, bla bla bla… Does that make even the slightest of sense?? Qn2: Where did the water come from 7 weeks later while in their custody? :confused:

Anyway, as neither of these questions had a response, the issue suddenly changed to the fact that Avechi’s policy has no warranty on phone screens and I should pay for the new one. They went further to say because I have complained “SANA”, they can give me a discount. For what? To shut me up?!? This again, was revealed to me yesterday. SEVEN WEEKS LATER!!! Seven weeks with my phone it’s when they tell me that their company doesn’t have warranty on phone screens and only offers for software issues. It became quite clear that they would keep coming up with new information as time goes by just to ensure not to take any liability. Did I mention how the service guy is PLAIN RUDE leave alone the customer service agents who are the least bothered. First experience with Avechi and they have disappointed me a great deal in all aspects. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It’s rather interesting that this experience has made me realise there have been several complaints about Avechi in the past which have not been addressed. We shouldn’t let them keep getting away with such trends. We need to expose them.

Buyer beware of when it comes to phones. I don’t know about other products but they’ve given me a negative vibe and I generally DO NOT RECOMMEND them. Like one ‘General’ said though, if you if you love playing Russian roulette with your phones, Avechi indeed has got you covered.


First of all I there is 1 prominent topic on this forum related to Avechi …Why I do not recommend Avechi anymore

Its even among the top 5 searches on the keyword “avechi” …was once in the top 3 …

But never the less I have asked @martingicheru and others for advise on stores(in kenya) that I could get devices even if they were 10 - 20% more but have peace of mind in the event I get a defective unit I could get a replacement or get quality repairs …

I do wonder which device this is …If it’s exotic(cannot be found in Kenyan stores easily) like OnePlus devices I would advice you to STEER CLEAR or take into consideration the hustles of getting a replacement or repairing it from the time(weeks to months) and the cost

my 2 cents on the issue …


Indeed @Adrian_Teri. We need to steer clear of such. However, something should still be done to expose businesses that take advantage of consumers. This is an issue that should go viral as there have been several victims. Just came across another article showing Avechi’s incompetence. Kindly follow link below: will disappoint you.

I am a victim too. Don’t know what would make these guys compensate us. I have a dead phone lying in my house, worth 20Gs and I never used it for more than one month.

Let’s continue the conversation about Avechi experience in one place. I’m closing this topic.