Saruk Refurbished iPhones (iPhones vs Androids)

The potential cost savings of a refurbished phone is tantalizing but of course there’s the risk involved… and so i’m thinking of trying out this shop for a refurbished iPhone. Just checking if anyone here has had any experience with them (good or bad)?

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am not hating but, why buy a 4 year old refurbished iPhone 6 for 40k when you can buy a new one on amazon for $300 or less??? Aki iPhones are overated in Kenya. My opinion though. Most of those iphones there are overpriced. just leave them to other guys out there who need “status” with an iPhone.


In kenya I don’t think I can go for a certified refurbished phones hapa watu ni waKora the only products I can recommend are laptops from saruk

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Wait, the iPhone 6 is actually 40k at Safaricom shop brand new. I also wouldn’t buy a refurb iPhone. I would rather import one from Amazon.

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My office-mate got hers last year, its doing well… so I guess its good.
I would recommend you to get one so you can give a full review :joy:

Myself I wouldn’t since the price difference is less than 5k

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I actually really like them…so I’m willing ro swallow the overpriced. Hakuna story ya status hapa :slight_smile:

Why :sob::sob: please don’t. Apart from the status side of the story, kuna pia kuangalia facts maze. iPhone 6 ni ya 2014. Alafu unataka refurbished :worried:. Chukua mpya from other sources if you really need an iPhone, otherwise there are so many android smartphones in that range which are more powerful than iPhone 6.

But before tuendelee, why do you need an iPhone that much? 6, to be specific, na vile ilikua na bend gate issues and poor camera performance compared to the competition???

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Mtu ameamua kununua iPhone hata uite Pastor Ng’ang’a amwombee atanunua tu :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Hehe actually nilipata SE…mpya lakini. iPhones are really good phones, overpriced yes siwezi kata, but naprefer overall user experience yao over android. Specs I think sometimes can be misleading…siwezi kata iPhone zinachapwa kwa vitu kama camera, but does it really matter in the real world a 16mp camera over 12? (all other factors like aperture and what not kept the same). Even 8mp? Plus their cameras are definitely not poor…not the best but they’re always good. Hayo ninmaoni yangu.

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Sawa, mtu aombeshe tulale.


Hujaona mtu ako possessed na iphones.


:joy::joy::joy: ukweli


"unaeza kuwa na iTunes kweli? " :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

:joy::joy::rofl: Let me give u reasons, iPhone has numerous hidden features that non-iphone user will never know of since they rarely advertise them outside apple gadgets. i-Battery(2000mah) last same as infinix’s 4000mah due to power-efficient chipsets, iOS is the lightest operating system for smartphones and their updates are tiny too compared to android, iPhone with 2gb RAM performs faster than android with 4gb RAM, even their cheapest latest release(iPhone SE) records 4k video. trust me once you go iOS you never go back


Nimeelewa bro your love for iPhone. Lakini Infinix unafaa ku compare na Tecno na Mwiko.

This is true but difference in kidogo sana when you compare iPhone na Android of matching prices. But hizo iPhones hufika mahali zinaanza ku lag an issue that iPhone claimed helped to save battery life of older devices.

If you compare 4K video samples from even iPhone X and high end Androids you’ll realize that 4K quality is off in terms of color and clarity when compared to 2K and K from the same devices.

I have used iPhones. Si zangu though. Za marafiki. I managed to convert two to Samsung and I’m happy I did :grin::grin::grin:


I disgaree strongly with the battery claims. Iphone users carry chargers everywhere. Infinix users carry cables to enable probox drivers jump start their cars


:rofl::joy::joy: Hapa umenena @deewinc Hawa watu iPhone uanza comparison zao na Tecno badala ya kina S9 na Pixel.

S9 has 3000mAh battery and endurance of 78hours (check gsmarena)
iPhone X has 2716mAh battery and endurance of 74hours.
@Alfy kuja ufanye hii comparison tukiona :joy::joy::joy:

Been here. Done that. Went back to Android.

The good things about iOS quickly fade away when you receive 100 notifications from WhatsApp and the software presents all these as individual notifications instead of one bulk notification like Android.

Secondly, iPhones have great standby time but when it comes to usage, those huge batteries on Androids last longer.


Very true @sarunibm

Somebody finally said it. :grin::grin:

iOS notification system is the worst.

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