Samsung updates Gear Manager app

If you have a Samsung smartwatch or other Gear device like the Bluetooth headsets, the Gear Circle, the Gear Manager app is where all the magic happens. It is the app used to download applications, watch faces, transfer music and photos, synchronize data between the phone and the wearable among other things. The app has received an update in the last hour.

Gear Manager takes forever to “install additional software” long after updating so I am yet to know what new features the update brings to the old Gear S I am wearing. I understand the update brings a battery indicator to the new Gear S2 but since the Gear S has always had it, I am waiting to see what changes.

The update brings the app to version 2.2.16011842 which you can find on either the Google Play Store or Samsung’s own Galaxy Apps store. If you already have it installed on a compatible Samsung Android device then you’ll get a notification, just like I did, urging you to update.

If you also use it and have received the update or already installed it you could tell us what new things you have come across.


The lengthy update installation is done. Nothing really different on my end.