Samsung S3's Dying A Slow Death

So let me list the symptoms that my beloved Samsung S3 is displaying and maybe you can diagnose, or you’re experiencing the same. But in essence, I’m just mentally preparing myself for a new phone, because clearly Samsung’s have an expiry date.

  • The charge - Drains and drains like a tap, even when I’m not using
    it. I’ve changed batteries twice, and the 2nd time it was a torture
    getting an S3 battery because they’re not being produced anymore -
    verbatim by a rep at the Samsung Care Center.

  • I am not receiving texts - and when they come (which is hours after) they flood my inbox -
    that could be a network issue, but well, I wouldn’t know.

  • My Safaricom Sim function is dysfunctional - basically I can’t transact
    on Mpesa or Safaricom+ - which could also be a network problem. But how many
    network problems could one have?

  • The phone just hangs, like out of the blues, just hangs - and you just have to be patient with it.

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When was the last time you wiped the phone clean and started from a clean slate? Probably that’s what you need to do. Android devices, just like Windows PCs, get bogged down over time and you periodically need to just clean them up. So backup your precious photos and files on your sd card or somewhere else and factory reset. The S3 is a pretty old phone and it’s ok for it to be overwhelmed by things; it’s 3 years since it entered the market. About the battery, I wouldn’t expect much from a 2100 mAh unit either. Add to the fact that performance degrades over time and usage and you won’t get much from it. Probably it is time you started considering an upgrade. It is hard to know what could be the cause of delayed texts and SIM toolkit being unresponsive so first try the factory reset and give us feedback.

I bet you have been gaming so much with that phone. One sure way to resuscitate a phone is a complete reset to factory settings. I that does not solve the issue then your phone is definitely bidding your bye.