Samsung Note 8 today

Is it me or noone talks about this tray.

It hasn’t been launched in Kenya yet. So we will talk about it then.

its here now

Did you buy one btw?

when a branded device,with awesome features,is being sold for 100k plus,One loses interest quickly.Its a great device and it deserves the hype but speaking for myself,an a number of local nerds here,The Samsung Keynote and tech reviewers gave us enough info about the product so the excitement is less now than it was during the keynote.


AHAHAH the economy is hard on me.

But all Samsung phones are lets say 60k plus if they think that they are worth it.

shida yetu ni tax na shipping plus we dont have local subsidies for these devices…

This is the problem here. Taxes. Kwanza vile Jubile came in government they introduced new taxes that never existed.

Government of Kenya Tax and Railway Levy to the import duty, tax, and IDF tax. Funny enough GOK tax and IDF tax are the same thing. Remember asking DHL to differentiate between the two and they couldn’t. They told me something like one is KRA tax (IDF) and the newly introduced GOK tax is government of Kenya tax and I asked kwani KRA ni ya Somalia?

They made me pay tax of 6K on goods worth 3K. From that day I stopped paying taxes kama Mkenya mzalendo and decided to use the Somalis.

I also want to stop paying taxes(import taxes that is)-can you help me?

Hahaha… Many would jump into this

I had hopes of getting the Note 8 sometime back, it’s a device i love and would wish to have, but the way my finances are, even with a breaking down Galaxy A5 2016, I will probably work with a Nokia 8 or other option that’s affordable. I may consider the Galaxy S8 from because they are selling it for 67k, or the S8+ for 78k if I can get further up.

African Salihya

This must be PhonePlaceKenya if it is. Don’t dare. They don’t have most of the phones. They deal with Tecno and Infinix most.

Remember last year November. They really wasted my time. After kuuliza kama wako na Note 5 wakasema iko. Kuenda huko in their shop (can’t remember location) karibu nithanie nimepotea. The shop was nearly empty and everyone was busy on the phone.

So asked a lady who was there ju yeye hakua busy kwa simu and she requested me to wait hao wengine wako kwa masimu wamalizane. After like 5 minutes (I can be patient) one of them asked me “Ati ulikua unataka simu gani?”

Told him I have spoken with someone na ameniambia Note 5 ziko Silver Titanium. Jamaa bado akarudi kwa simu. Spoke for a like 2 minutes more and he was like “umesema simu gani?” I repeated, Note 5.

He spoke for another minute kwa simu and he asked me another question. Alikuambia ni pesa ngapi mwenye uliongea naye? Said, we agreed on 60K.

Jamaa akakata simu haraka. Kuna kiti hapa kalia niende nikuletee. Nikamshow, kama hakuna hapa wacha ikae. Now everyone else on phone wakaachana na masimu zao amd tried to convince me to take a seat and I said one word and walked out. NO

Felt wasted.

So how does it work?

I have a friend friend there who assists me. I usually send him to purchase items and send them to me using African Salihya.

The African Salihya guys told me you can send them too but they’ll charge you a small additional fee for that.

Alternatively use Kentex Cargo. They claim you pay tax but it’s not. The amount they charge is not anywhere near tax.

I’ve just called them-The salihya guys. They told me that the package has to be at least 25kg. If its below 25Kg, i’ll still pay $250 for shipping and handling. That’s expensive. I’ll try Kentex Cargo. I want a service that is cheaper than Vitumob. is another alternative.

Kentex charges a 5% ‘insurance fee’ for goods above $200. They are also US-based only.

Salihya and Kote can ship from multiple countries.

I’ll try get you the contact that I use in Dubai. It’s $50 minimum for goods up to 10kgs. I think the person who have spoken to is not aware of the charges. Even their website has a price list.

Great to know about this.

Problem with these companies is that they are targeting the US and UK not knowing that most products sold in those markets come from China mainland and China Hong Kong.

I have bought from PhonePlace, the S8, Nokia 6 and even TECNO devices and I have not come across such issues. Maybe things changed.

I compared Kentex cargo with Vitumob. Kentex is slightly cheaper.
On the Nvidia Shield TV purchase, i would have saved $20.0.