Samsung Makes Me Wonder (BIAS)

Samsung has a new series of phones for the African market the A series, the thing is i was thinking of buying these phones nut in doing my research I came across The M series which was for the Indian market i ended u buying a 4gb ram 64 gb samsung galaxy m 30 s which has a 6000 ma battery and a 48 megapixel camera. when compared to its a series counterpart is far superior and around the same price.

Nope. A-SERIES phones have been there for years now. I have an A7 2016 bought in 2016.

Samsung decided to abandon the J-SERIES and throw all the low-quality build and specs that that brand had to the A-SERIES. The A-SERIES back then was next to the S-SERIES but not anymore.

It’s true that the M-SERIES are slightly better than the low-end A-SERIES devices and cost almost the same. However, the furthest you can go with the M-SERIES is the M40.

With the A-SERIES, you can go all the way to the premium built and high-quality segment that comprises of the A80 and A90 with the mid-range A50 and A70 sitting in between.

No bias. Ni mfuko tu inaamua.

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I got a Galaxy J7 duos and its seems to be working quite okay for me for the last 3 months.Samsung don’t really have bad devices i think.