Samsung Lollipop unusual battery drainage

I have two Samsung smartphones. Samsung Grand Prime (Lollipop) and Samsung A 10 (Android Pie). Prime turns off when 18% and A 10 remains until it reaches 1 % ? I don’t understand why the same branded smartphone are behaving like that? I cannot ever believe the battery percentage that my device to fix this problem

Probably a battery that needs replacement. Batteries do not have infinite longevity and die after some time. Have you tried changing the battery?

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Wueh! This device still lives? Also Android Lollipop!

I think as @Omgitsdes says, it needs a battery change.


I have a Device that turns of at 20%. As others have said, Battery change is important…

Yes…I know it’s bit weird and also it’s an old phone. But I haven’t ever had a problem with this device or ever repair it. Perhaps, this may be time to repair it.

Welcome to the community Aurelia, I have a Samsung A10 (Android Pie) and I have the same experience, battery drainage! I could leave it at 34% when going to bed and in the morning it’s 16% (No apps running in the background, WiFi and data off too).

Try checking the battery stats to see what app consumed what, sometimes it can even be a bad network reception