Samsung Gear S2 Launches today in Kenya, what do you think?

Samsung launches the Gear S2 watch in Kenya. The Gear is a very bold attempt, seeing as they decided to give the watch a launch event on is own, unlike where you’d naturally expect it to be launched alongside other devices like the Note or other flagship. There’s two models, the business and the sport.

Other smart watches available officially in this market include Huawei talkband (which is barely talked about) and the Huawei Watch who’s market availability info is still scanty. Is there any other?

Now, Gear S2 is like the mature watch after several iterations, remember the Galaxy S3? This is like it. Is it something you’d buy, considering there’s talk of it supporting iPhones (not confirmed). @ngeny @bhattkishan9 @ndeti @NairobiWP @Kaluka @Mwirigi

[UPDATE] Read the announcement and specifics of the Gear S2 here.

I’m not so convinced into the idea of smartwatches yet. The only thing I find useful is that it enables you to check notifications and stuff without pulling your phone out of your pocket.

If it costs like 20-30K, I prefer buying a Rolex, Rado or something. Heck even 15K.

If the smartwatch battery lasts as long as a week (which is currently hard to achieve) then It’ll be useful as not many people are used to charging their watches yet. :wink:

If the smartwatch is rugged enough to survive some of my hiking trips (water proof, shockproof etc.), then it’s worth considering because it’ll be useful to check maps.

The design of the watch seems pretty cool and also it’s watch faces. If Tizen could run Android apps, then it could compete with some smartwatches like Pebble.

I bet smartwatches will be perfected by like next year but for now, naaah.

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My sentiments exactly. Smartwatches at the moment are just nice to have. Not tools that add any value to one’s life. Fitness tracking is the one bit that makes a lot of sense but then again, there are enough fitness trackers that one can buy at a quarter the price of a smartwatch like the Gear S2. Battery life and extended functionality have to reach a certain level before we can start viewing smartwatches in the same light that their manufacturers hope we will. It’s much easier for me to pull out my phone and check out that notification that buzzed moments ago than staring at my watch and having to speak into the watch’s microphone or tapping that tiny screen to action the notification. It’s good to see companies iterating on these watches since that’s the only way they can be better but there’s still a mountain climb. Also, smartwatches will become seriously mainstream when those prices go down. At the moment they’re mostly ridiculously priced and nothing about them makes any sense. I’d consider buying a Pebble since so far they’re the only smartwatches that every reviewer seems to agree with their pricing, battery life and design. At least several steps have been made towards making smartwatches compatible with devices regardless of platform. Android Wear watches will pair with iPhones and all of Samsung’s new Tizen watches will no longer be restricted to the company’s Galaxy Android smartphones alone.

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