Samsung Galaxy S8 already available for sale at Diamond Plaza

This one is usually not for the average of us, just those who’d do anything to be ahead of the pack. Price as I gather from @TeriWanderi is Kshs 105k for the Galaxy S8 and 130k for the Galaxy S8+.

Last I heard from Samsung the recommended retail price was Kshs 85k for the S8 and Kshs 95k for the S8+, with a plan somewhere to have installment plans via a third party finance partner.

These are pre-market prices (since its not officially available in Kenya)

A month after the S7/S7 Edge officially launched, prices went down to 65K (S7) & 75K (S7 Edge)

At the time, official outlets were selling it at 75K (S7) & 85K (S7 Edge), with the same valuation being given by mobile insurance companies like Kenya Orient (Insured mine for ~8700, which is based on market value * 10% + taxes)

A good practice is to wayt at least a month after launch, that way if anything is detected it can be resolved and future phones won’t have the same issues - Like exploding phones or weak frameworks in the iPhone 6 body, both of which were reported less than a month after the phones launched.

I love the S8 but that price is too high. Better wait for the Moi Avenue shops to start selling it.

Meanwhile, it sells in Portugal at €820 or Kshs 92k, in Kenya it starts selling on Friday 5th officially at Kshs 85k, 95k for the S8+.

Any recommendations on where one can get a new S8 at a Pocket Friendly price …

DM this guy on Twitter:

I hope he is Legit. Coz have read elsewhere of stories where people get dupped on social media…

You’re smart. Don’t pay for a product you have not seen.

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Did this work out? I have someone who needs the S8

Bought from Jumia, but paid on delivery…

Thank you, I will advise that. I once paid for a galaxy S6 on Jumia that never showed up. Took me two weeks of threats to get that money back.

Mine took two days and only paid once I received and confirmed integrity of the item…

I will advise them to do exactly that

Price of the S8?

41 thousands

would you happen to have the link

I would assume what you bought was a single SIM phone. They are cheaper than their dual SIM counterparts.

Why would you buy a Dual Sim for a once Samsung flagship… Dual sim wachia Tecno/Infinix…

Not at the price I bought mine though, slightly higher. If I was you I would try and see how far low it goes especially on Christmas eve or thereabout…

Just out of curiosity, why are you guys buying older flagships when there are newer phones like the nokia 7 plus, pocophone etc that fetch a similar to or cost the same as the s8?