Samsung could be bringing Tizen to Africa

Here’s another one of my “little bird” series. Had an interesting conversation these last few days and if I’m not wrong then Tizen is coming to Kenya and Africa. You may be aware that where it’s launched, India it has been doing relatively well for a new platform at the low end. Tizen faced some threat in the same segment when Android one was released, but it now seems that that was hot wind, Android one seems still-born, even in Africa where it’s quite needed.

Now here’s an interesting dynamic, if you put in a low resource smartphone that has an email app, can do Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and a few games then you have users. Of course give it a great price of $40 and all the millions that buy feature phones will be on it like safari ants on steak.

Tizen sold 500k units in India by last June and are currently the second most popular among budget phone spenders, seems they are taking the slot that was for Nokia Asha phones.

I won’t pretend that I don’t know of the existence of Tecno and Infinix brands in the Kenya market, but there’s also Micromax and Carbonn in India which are quite similar to the two brands. If you go with the recently discontinued Firefox phone Orange Klif, you can see there is market for something that is budget friendly that can work with very low end hardware. Tizen picks from Bada and Meego, both which are not as resource intensive as Android. Oh, also there are no licensing fees from Mountain View for Tizen, means more savings on production.

What do you think, is there a chance should they bring Tizen into this space?

Tizen is already in Kenya as it runs Samsung’s smart watches. Maybe in smartphone form factor.

Oh yes, of course I meant on smartphones. Thanks for the correction.

Tizen was first launched in Bangladesh and the first 500K units sold in that country. Samsung later on introduced the Tizen phone to India pushing the numbers to cross over a million units in sales. I have been following Tizen closely and I hope they introduce it to Kenya soon. Samsung might kick out the cheap Chinese OEMs from Xtigi, Bird, Tecno, and Infinix.

What Samsung needs to do is push for developers of the most basic apps to jump on the Tizen bandwagon. They have done it on the Samsung App store on the earlier days of Android and they can do it too on Tizen. They can do this by offering developer incentives and competitions to attract developers.

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