Samsung Completely Trashes iPhone's Animoji With AR-Emoji On The S9

I’ll link the video here. Skip to minute 1hr 00mins and watch it for 15 minutes up to 1hr 15mins where they speak about the camera. I will let the AR-Emoji speak for itself. All I can say is Daaamn

the best feature hands down ni hio dual arpeture size! wah! hapo competition watatii… Najua Oneplus wamerudi drawing board to copy that for the 6! :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately, OEMs like OnePlus have to depend on Sony, Samsung, and Omnivision for such technologies. At present, Samsung is the only one who is doing it and they’ll lock the feature to be exclusive on their high end phones for the next one or two years or until a competitor comes up with the concept and decides to dish it out to other OEMs.

For example the Dual Autofocus or PDAF is Sony made but Samsung bought all the exclusive rights for like 2 years before other OEMs were allowed to use the technology.

Recently when Sony launched the XZ premium with that super slow mo feature, they kept it exclusive but Samsung has managed to develop a photo processing hardware to mimic the same feature on the Sony.

Something funny though is that variable aperture existed back in 2008 with the Motorola ZN5 and 2009 with the Nokia N86. Well, the phones were chunky and I guess that’s why they had to abandon it.

wow, I didnt know this

sikujua, hio time ata sikua najua simu inaitaji anything else other than snake xenzia :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’m sure you can remember the Snapdragon issue when Samsung bought all processors locking out the likes of LG and HTC. Don’t know if its anti-competitive but hivyo ndiyo hao hufanya wakulie kulie kwanza juu they have deep pockets.

Is AR emoji really better than Animoji? I think a talking poop is more fun than my animated face.

You can be creative with AR Emoji if you want to create a talking poop. pun not intended :joy::joy::joy::joy:

This is bound to change as they will sell the lenses and tech to chinese manufacturers

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If this happens then that is a smart move. Also that means Samsung is capable of producing more than enough sensors for its devices.

Historically, Samsung always depends on Sony to help them churn a few sensors to meet demand when a flagship launches.

Will follow this story closely since I know there is a line of ISOCELL sensors that Samsung released towards the end of last year meant for high end devices for both Samsung and other OEMs but not the one on S9.

Anyway if that happens then definitely OnePlus will have it on board.