Safaricom's 30 Day Internet Bundles Don't Really Expire After 30 Days

Anyone else noticed this?
I bought the 3 GB Safaricom data bundle that was supposed to last 30 days. Every time I queried, the expiry date was displayed as the year 2037. I don’t use my mobile data that much and as a result after 30 days I still had lots of data unused. Another month in and I still have it.

Mine says it expires on 3rd of November and the night shift that was there earlier expires on 26th of the same month. Guess it could be just you, or we wait.

As office WiFi gang, we have no right to comment on this.

I may just see the other replies tomorrow at 8am.

I use Safaricom Data a lot mostly the 1GB bundles…I have also noticed they stay beyond a month but that happened once. The rest of the time I just top up before even a week ends :slight_smile:

What does office Wi-Fi gang do over the weekends now that a smartphone is almost dead without data?

WiFi Gang… I don’t know. for instance, how I am able to respond to this, on a weekend. Internet take-away perhaps.