Safaricom Wifi repeater

Hey guys. So let me describe to you my situation. In my house we have two Safaricom home internet accounts which are paid for separately. One for the main house and another for my sister who lives in a back house. But generally you could say that the two houses are in the same compound. When installing the second router, the safaricom guys suggested a wifi repeater which costs Ksh 5,500 and that it would allow you to extend the reach of a single wifi router. Now the question i have for you is. Does any of you have any experience with a wifi repeater and was your experience good or bad? Thanks in advance.

A repeater is a good option considering the given circumstances.

When my folks shifted from Zuku to Safaricom Fibre, I set up their old router in bridge mode (not all routers support this) and used it to extend the signal range. It’s a quick fix that just works.

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Do you suggest that i buy the router off safaricom or i can buy one from Mi store which costs 4500

It’s most important that the hardware supports that functionality.

If you have a background in tech then this is an easy DIY project and if not then look for a network technician to hook you up.

My intention was to look for the technician.

@mister_roboto, a chance for you to shine :grin:

I would recommend you go with a wired connection between the router and the repeater. It will make a way faster and more stable connection. Since they are in the same compound a technician should sort it out quite easily.

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I’ve already given a free consultancy


This is a good option particularly if there is interference from other networks and/ or the coverage area is large.

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Exactly what I intend to do. I will just buy the wires. I think 10 metres will do.

Be sure about the length of the cable. The last thing you want to do is make a joint.

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Any idea on how to do this on a technicolor router TC7200? or how to restore the router? Settings seem to be locked by ISP.