Safaricom Website / cloud Outage

Yesterday I saw people on Skunkworks commenting that Safaricom cloud had an outage. Today I notice that the Safaricom website has an outage as well. The error being server DNS not being found points to the two being related. Any Safaricom cloud user here? What’s your experience?

UPDATE: 2pm I understand that Safaricom cloud has no problem at all, what had an issue is KENIC of course, and they seem to have reigned in on the issue, and Safaricom’s selfcare portal, Safaricom acknowledges it has had some capacity issues that are being rectified.

I believe those are two separate issues. Dot ke domains seem to be inaccessible from early this morning indicating a problem with DNS.

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They may be unrelated, but I just checked which is usually a separate website with different content but it doesn’t load as well. It however has a different error, unrelated to DNS, it just can’t be reached.

There’s an update from KENIC regarding domains, and it seems like the sites are back up

on linux, ‘dig’ is the test tool of choice, and can trace to see where the problem may be eg:

$ dig +trace

will trace from the global root servers downwards to the site in question.

In this case, kenic had a problem, so those whose dns was not already cached had problems resolving, and hence access to the domain - but those who still had it cached (by their ISP, probably) would still have access until it expired from the cache.

I hope that makes it all clear :wink:


Sasahost, of course trying to speak to their customers.

Latest from KENIC:

Dear All, the issue on resolving .ke domains has now been sorted out. We are now monitoring and shall keep you informed. Thank you

I’ve tried reaching them via phone and they aren’t picking. Promised to call back. An hour ago.

I got a domain from Safaricom but chose to host it on my own VPS. The DNS issue did affect me and the guys at Safaricom Business were very helpful in letting me know when KENIC finally booted the DNS server. This got me very worried for having a domain, what if Govt wants to take down controversial domains? I’ll keep my international TLDs.

In Tanzania, they charged the founder of Jamii Forums with operating a foreign domain instead of a .tz.

I didn’t know that, looks like these African governments aren’t trustworthy.