Safaricom VoLTE

Activated it too :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:

Now that those who were to get VoLTE on their devices already have, what is the experience like, noticeable difference? I want reviews.

Activated on mine, nothing so far. Contacted saf via social media, they have been mum after a few questions and answers

My experience has been splendid!

First thing I noticed is how quickly it connects the call. In the previous system, it has to switch to 3G to make the call. It feels almost instantaneous now

Second, the voice quality is noticeably better, like way better

I’m not going back

Works on Redmi 5A

It’s a process though, first have to be updated to MIUI 10 either oreo or pie, mine is on oreo.

Then dial (star)#(star)#86583#(star)#(star) to disable VoLTE carrier check

This will bring the Enable VoLTE setting in network settings

How do I activate on Nokia 6. 10012# does nothing.

I think i need an updated Safaricom SIM card maybe to take advantage on VOLTE on my Huawei Y9 Prime 2019

yours ni the green one?

Have you guys tried calling customer care(any number 100, 234, 400) using volte? On my end those numbers only work on 2G/3G.

I also get the same issue when trying the same number’s (400 & 100) seems am being charged when calling when VoLTE is switched on

I don’t think those services support VoLTE. But question is, why shouldn’t they?

Exactly, why shouldn’t they…

They’d need a Volte enabled phone…
Which they currently cant/ won’t afford…

VOLTE works even when making calls to guys who are not VOLTE…

No it doesn’t. It switches to 3G once connected…

Nope. I’ve made numerous calls to guys with a "kabambe"and to other networks and it never goes back to 2G/3G. I’ll attach screenshots…that’s me calling my Airtel line…

I’ve just noticed that my name(name + country + an "online label and other letters and numbers) appears on the caller ID even though I’ve not saved my safaricom line on my Airtel line. I’m not sure whether that’s an Airtel thing or a VoLTE thing.

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Anyone here been successful in comparing the proprietary Face-time audio to VoLTE in terms of quality?

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To answer self: Lol…
FaceTime being an Over The Top service uses AAC-WMR codec that takes up bit rates of about 23.5kbps. These services use more battery because the processing is done at the chip level.

On the other hand, though unconfirmed, Safcom’s VoLTE uses about 12kbps. In some markets, the service providers deploy 23kbps rate services. I don’t know the codec Safcom have deployed but would be happy to be informed. Clearer than usual voice and allows for handshake to other technologies like 3G. The processing takes place at the modem level.

As someone noted, connection time is faster; about a second, to two, at most. This is SIP kind of level in terms of connection times.

OTT or VoLTE, quality will definitely be dictated by the codec in use and bit rates plus connection type.


Noticed something for iOS devices with iOS 13.

Pretty nice.

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Does anyone know how to enable VoLTE on Oneplus devices? I convinced my girlfriend to get Oneplus 7T, but she’s disappointed it doesn’t support LTE calling. I tried using the Oneplus Log Kit, but it doesn’t work. I guess I have to wait for Safaricom to collaborate with Oppo/Oneplus for the update and support :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: