Safaricom VoLTE

Any interesting developments or news that one can share here? Anyone who has VoLTE service on their Saf line? Share your thoughts

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I hear it is at the same cost as a regular call. That even the video call is just like a regular call. That would be awesome for families and lovers. Wonder if it is buffer free and seamless. The likes of WhatsApp video and facetime may get a run for their money


Does it require any settings tweak, I have a Nokia 6.1, I see volte available for Faiba 4G but none for Safaricom

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Still falls back to 3G for both voice and video.

Did the other Person also have Volte…

Yes. Nokia 6.1. Do we need some extra settings?

Wondering too if we need extra settings for Nokia 7 plus too. It still falls back to 3G

I too have Nokia 8 which supports VoLTE bands 3 & 20 (the ones safaricom is utilising for their VoLTE) but I cannot get the VoLTE icon on the status bar. Faiba VoLTE connects well, whats more is needed for safaricom?

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Maybe they are not fully rolled out…

This popped up for me after a carrier update, then disappeared after a few mins. Looks like they’re still rolling out

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A carrier update?

Yes. Mine too gives me such updates.

Which type of phone is this?

Samsung devices that get VoLTE are as below. The company shared that they have completed the testing phase of VoLTE on their smartphones.

The new service which was launched by Safaricom will be available on Samsung phones such as the recently launched Galaxy A series range. Flagship Galaxy devices including the S8/S8+, S9/S9+, S10 range, Note 8, & Note 9 will also soon receive VoLTE enabled software updates.

Is this a new update? VoLTE is already enabled on the S8.

Just a confirmation of which of their devices you can expect VoLTE on.

Still nothing on my nokia 6.1, Faiba Volte working fine.

It’s working now on the s8.

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Working on Infinix Note 6

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Thanks for the update