Safaricom supported esim devices

I want to buy a pixel 6 but it doesn’t have twin sim, only physical + esim. If saf supported it it would be an easy buy. So far they only support iPhones and Samsung phones even their iPhone list isn’t complete, hakuna 12 Pro and 13 series

The way I understand esim is that it’s a physical chip that can be flashed with the carriers info from a QR code. Why would saf support some and not others. It can’t be a situation of a firmware update with safaricom info like VoLTE, right? Seeing JTL Faiba’s long list kuna hata a 2018 device that runs android 8 called Palm Palm. Googling seems to be the Palm company is effectively dead and Faiba eSIM launched this year. No way they did an update with palm… I suspect provided your phone has esim you can flash any profile, has anyone tried this?

TL:DR I think esim support doesn’t need to be confirmed by safaricom. Any thoughts on this?

Necro on this thread. I managed to load a safaricom esim on a pixel 4,not on the supported list, so yes it works for any device with esim. Safaricom customer care might refuse on the basis of supported devices but bembeleza hao

Can you walk us through the steps? How did you do it?

Easy go replace your sim card as usual at safcom and receive that qr code. With your phone go to settings ya sim cards, there should be a button for adding sim. It will scan that qr code and download the esim, literally requires an Internet connection… From there ni kama sim card ya kawaida.

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This is great thanks will give it a shot. And Ill bug you again in case i run into some issues.

No worries. I’ll answer any questions