Safaricom Prepay Calling rates?

i need help finding safaricom’s prepay calling rates from their website. I’m trying to compare the 50% bonus on no expiry airtime to their other bundles such as tunukiwa, platinum and ‘all in one’ but cant seem to find at what rate they charge for the no expiry bundles. also open to suggestions on what voice plans you think is the best


In my opinion it might be charging double the normal calling rates. There’s someone I know who’s been buying it and says it gets depleted fast.

Supporting information: No expiry bundles are half the normal data with expiry. I don’t expect Safaricom to act any different on calls.

Outside of postpay arrangement, I suggest you keep checking Tunukiwa for your specfic use case and buy bundles, either minutes or voice for what you need at the moment, whether a day’s use or weekly use. I did that in the past before realizing I was better off going postpay.

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