Safaricom Platinum Powerfoam Plus Bundles Heist

Mbona watu mmenyamazia hii stuff. I hear people teamed up to steal from Safaricom jana while we were watching Harambee vs Taifa. I guess I missed out but from what I know Safaricom will spare no one. Watu wataekwa walipe.

Lesson from Money Heist. You can only get away with ill gotten gains that cannot be traced or better cannot be distinguished from the real …

If it was something like a generator for scratch cards …maybe

I remember the one for redeeming data ya Airtel using IMEIs back in 2014 - 2015. I redeemed over 2TB of data. Lakini hii ya Safaricom back in the mid-2000s they had a billing issue and people ended up making unlimited calls both local and international.

Watu accounts ziliekwa negative wacha tutupe lines. hahaha!

#safaricom already has your identification info be it a passport or ID… You will have to throw it away and never consider that buying their simcard :joy:.

You can bet #safaricom will recover that money… especially the person who made the error and pushed or manipulated the production server …them and their superior are in deep … :fearful:

Actually, it was the time when registration of lines did not exist. You buy a line and start using it. So, people got away with it. There’s a news feature I saw where Michael Joseph acknowledged such glitches back then and he said that they counted them as losses.

The billing issues were in plenty. There was a time they were to give people double airtime when they top up. But they ended up giving people like nearly 3X the intended bonus. To make it worse, they pushed the promo in the evening.

By the time the programmers realized they had made a mistake, the damage had been done. They tried to recover by removing the bonus airtime balance that people got but calls were expensive then. Most people benefited from it.

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The gains are being recovered …impressive under ~ 9 hours.

I wonder if there were tactics like throttling suspected users who got the gains for them not to use the resources too much … Also what you used you will pay for it next time you top-pup :joy:

So I used a cool 6gb of that data I have topped up and no deductions have been made neither from airtime or mpesa if they do I’ll keep the line idle

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This will be hard. They should count it as a loss. They can be sued juu customers were innocent.

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This was not going to happen. Recovering of the allocations that exist from that bundle yes, but not beyond that.

How law interprets things is sometimes laughable. Nkijua vile I had 100GB "innocently":smile::smile:

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True, you did not steal. They’ll have to prove that customers stole yet Bonga points were being deducted when you subscribe.

Did safcom disable data redeeming for bonga points I don’ get that option, is the heist to blame I did not partake I was sleeping.

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It was removed… And yes, the “heist” is to blame.