Safaricom not eating their own dog food

I will retell an experience from a friend of mine who hosts their domain with Safaricom Business. Somehow they did not get domain expiry alerts on the email provided when signing up for a hosting account, and thus it reached a point where the domain expired without their knowledge. Actually they were notified by a client when email to them wouldn’t go through.

The person happens to have a domain and hosting package with Safaricom Business, and the price for that is Kshs 4198. Payment options include M-pesa, naturally they assumed that Mpesa would be the best option to pay and get things back up running. They paid 4200 instead of 4198, and that was the beginning of problems.

The system “rejected” the payment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the money was refunded, it was deducted and the back-end at Safaricom self-care backend reflected that the process was successful, but a text confirmation claimed that payment had been rejected. (Something worth noting is that with other vendors who depend on Lipa na Mpesa for payments, you can pay any amount, the overpayment gets credited to your future bill, this wasn’t the case. It was rejected in it’s entirety)

And thus it went to day two of waiting for this to be resolved. Customer care call confirmed that they needed to do a manual process to correct the error. Something that’s still pending as at mid-morning today when this information was shared with me.

These guys are ripe for disruption,they have grown too large for their own good…and they have failed to capture customer feedback efficiently while exploring new ways to grow…Little will not grow their bottomline.What safaricom need to do is to explore value add on products like safaricom fibre to the home…launch massive wifi networks covering entire estates(loopnet concept),push lipa na mpesa integration in these services and start investing in local ecommerce startups

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Very true. They should be pushing the Safaricom M-Pesa app and even have Little integration in the app if they are that serious with it. Their quality and value of service needs to go up. I like how you can pay for Fibre To The Home through USSD without having to go to mpesa, I wish they would integrate such services in the app. Have one app for all Safaricom-related services, that would be awesome.

I got my .ke domain with safaricom and it’s true they don’t have a way to let you know your domain is about to expire. I usually pay the exact amount, nothing more. When I renew my other TLDs, I include the .ke even if it has 5 or so months left. The only thing that Safaricom made me angry is they do not encrypt emails from .ke domains. One rep told me I need to buy an SSL for it to work, did it still nothing. Until another rep told me I’d rather get another provider to host my email. I quietly moved the site to a VPS and haven’t looked back.

There’s so much fail on the side of Safaricom especially for a company of that size and reputation.

Was this issue successfully resolved?

Not yet, the person is still awaiting their call.

Any suggestions on the best domain registrar for .ke domains?

Budget -> 1000 bob or less (Registration & Renewals)

I just need to register the domain and point the DNS to my hosting plan. (Using a local host is a no go for now)

I was going to pick Safaricom but this thread made me think twice before proceeding with the purchase.

I use They are good and their system is automated. I get all the reminders months before domain expiry.

Thank you. I’ll check them out.

I’ve had good experiences with these people:

They are helpful and informative. And when it comes to transferring a domain to someone else, they do it for you after a simple phone call and email verification from the registering account.

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Safaricom is growing too big and stretching themselves too thin. I don’t think their hiring of customer support and technical staff matches their ever expanding portfolio. This error might be something quite simple but they have nobody to drill down to the root cause. Hopefully your friend retains the domain and gets this fixed. How long it will take though is anyone’s guess.